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How effective will the ‘tea partiers’ be?

They came from as far away as Hawaii, Maine, and Texas – an overwhelmingly white, middle-aged army of angry conservatives, furious with government spending and influence, and ready to do whatever they can to stop it.

The first national convention of the Tea Party movement drew around 600 people from all walks of life.

Workshops included “US Govt Bankruptcy – Facts for Citizens Who Don’t Have Finance Degrees,” and seminars such as “Comparisons between the current administration and the Marxist dictators of Latin America.”

Most tea partiers say they do not want to form a new political party, but change politics from within the existing structure.

“The goal is to take over the carcass of the Republican party and reform it according to its original principles. They were good principles, ones we all believed in.”

“The party left those behind and went off in the wrong direction. We’re going to use the Republican party to take back control of Congress and re-establish the constitution as the law of the land.”

Are they more than sore losers?  What effect do you think they will have going forward?



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Sunday, 2/7/10, Public Square


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