Friday, 2/5/10, Public Square


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  1. fnord

    I know most people are as tired of this winter as I am. It’s seemed longer than most even tho we’re not even midway through it! My brother-in-law who lives in Gladstone, just north of KC said their forecast went, “this morning we will get around 3″ of snow. They are also saying that Monday we will get a more impressive snow fall. I’m impressed enough.” He was wondering if we needed to send Mother Nature flowers to let her know she had done a fine job and maybe needed to rest for a while?

  2. lillacluvr

    I am tired of the drastic extremes of being bitter cold one week and then the next it is sunny and in the 50’s.

    I expect winters to be cold and dreary and, after all, we do live in Kansas and it is February.

    But this constant going back and forth is getting to me.

  3. 6176746f6c6c65

    Meanwhile my ex-Mainer daughter scoffs. 🙂

  4. fnord

    My Bostonian son calls me when our temps are lower and our snow higher than he is experiencing. 🙂

    I do badly when the sun doesn’t shine! My body hurts, my mood isn’t pleasant, and these foggy days of living in clouds are getting to me badly!

  5. So, it’s safe to say that you won’t be moving to Seattle any time soon, is that right?

    • fnord

      Yes! That would safe to say. Although, Seattle has sent their usual weather to us this season, and they are much drier and warmer. I read or heard a story about the problems near Vancouver where a few of the upcoming Olympic events will be held and their problems of lack of snow and too warm to make snow at that elevation. Most events are held further north, near Whistler, but those closer to Vancouver are worrisome.

      • BTW, your Bostonian offspring needs to batten down the hatches according to weather forecasts I’ve heard/seen; a big Noreaster is coming. There are predictions of 1 to 2 feet of snow in the DC area, with more nastiness as the system moves to New England.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Funny you mention Seattle, my oldest is working a little bit outside of Seattle and the temperatures have been higher there. little if any snow and he is loving it! AND of course knowing how I feel, he makes a point of telling me about how much better the weather is there.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    D.C. is to get two feet of snow, it was such snow fall that made me move to Okla.

    We did get some memorable snow still in that part of OKLA.

    LOL one night the electricity was knocked out over a two hundred mile area.
    The snow was falling so heavy that I could not see the Patrol car parked right in front of the office.
    Another officer and I was setting in pitch blackness in the office.

    The phone was ringing off the hook! IT would always start out “Did you know the power is off?”.
    Again setting in pitch black, yes we were aware of the power being off!

    Finally I had enough, I hate the sound of a phone ringing and the contestant calls there was nothing I could do and the power company was well aware of the power being out.

    I announced, “I am going on Patrol!”.

    The other officer looked out the front window and said “Are you crazy? …. Can’t even see the car outside!”.
    “I don’t care there are no phones in the car!”.

    NOW here is the great thing!

    I got close to the Hop-In-Sack the little convenience store in a little valley that set away from most of the houses. As soon as I got in front of the store I saw two figures run from the front of the store.
    I pulled in and the lone clerk cried out the door “THANK YOU!”.

    It seems when the power went off she went to the front door to lock it.
    Suddenly two guys came out of nowhere and tried to get in, she had been fighting to hold the door shut ever since the power had gone off….. Over a hour!

    I radioed in and told the other officer what had happened and he said “So, what do you want me to do?”.
    I snapped back, “come out and help me look for them!”.
    “Are you crazy I can not even see the car out front!”.

    So I stay with the clerk until she locked the store and watched over her till she got home.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    My wife sent me this one:

    Bud wanted to have sex with a woman at work but the woman had a boyfriend.

    Bud made a offer, “I will give you a hundred dollars, I will drop it on the floor and when you bend over to pick it up.

    I will be real quick and done before you can pick up the hundred dollars”.

    She said that she would call her boyfriend and see what he thinks?

    He told her to tell him it will be two hundred dollars and you pick it up so quick he won’t have enough time to even get his pants down!

    She said she would call him back once it is done.

    The boyfriend waited by the phone and she had not called back after thirty minutes so he called her.

    She answered out of breath and finally said, “It was all in quarters!!”.

  8. 6176746f6c6c65

    Op-ed piece which analogizes the current ‘deficit’ hysteria (particularly from the GOP) with ‘Iraq group-think’; properly, imho.

    The ‘decline’ in the unemployment rate is big news today as well. Would those who report on this give first paragraph mention of some of the reasons therefor (people exhausting UE benefits, dropping out of the labor force) rather than (if all) in the final paragraph, subject to editorial cutting for space reasons.

    • From the above-linked oped:

      “The main difference between last summer, when we were mostly (and appropriately) taking deficits in stride, and the current sense of panic is that deficit fear-mongering has become a key part of Republican political strategy, doing double duty: it damages President Obama’s image even as it cripples his policy agenda. And if the hypocrisy is breathtaking — politicians who voted for budget-busting tax cuts posing as apostles of fiscal rectitude, politicians demonizing attempts to rein in Medicare costs one day (death panels!), then denouncing excessive government spending the next…”

      Exactly. EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT in my lifetime has run a deficit–even that one that was handed a surplus by an outgoing Democratic president–and you never hear Republicans talking about deficits until they are no longer in the majority. It is a fact that seems to escape the conservative followers of said party. And if you bring it up to them, they always blame the preceding democrat, or, in the clinton instance, decree that there was no surplus–damn the facts to the contrary. But if Obama brings up the FACT that the Bush administration beggared the country, going from surplus to historical deficits in his two terms and from surplus to deficits within the first year of his first term, somehow Obama is BLAMING the republicans.

      It’s blame when they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and responsbility when they are trying to blame the consequence on others. And the American public can’t see through this? Perhaps, sometimes, I think we deserve what we get…