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Here we go again folks

Privatizing Social Security – is this really a good time for Republicans to be bringing this back on to the political scene?



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Why do smart people believe dumb things?

Birthers are nothing new.  In fact, they are only one small stone in a long road of people who were/are convinced of some Voodoo History. 



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How radical are Republicans?

A new poll conducted by Research 2000 and commissioned by the liberal activist site DailyKos found that:

* 63% of Republicans believe Barack Obama is a socialist.
* 39% of Republicans believe he should be impeached.
* 36% believe he was not born in the United States (22% are not sure)
* 31% believe he is “a racist who hates White people”
* 24% believe President Obama “wants the terrorists to win” (33% are not sure)
* 23% say they want their state to secede from the Union.

Obviously, DailyKos is a questionable source for such a damning poll, so I looked skeptically at the methodology. It seems sound – more than 2,000 people were surveyed by telephone over the last ten days of January. The questions, while geared toward confirming the worst stereotypes, were presented straightforwardly. Looking through the cross-tabs, young Republicans were not significantly more liberal-to-libertarian on most issues – and those age 30 to 44 seem particularly radicalized against President Obama.

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Thursday, 2/4/10, Public Square

“You can always count on America doing the right thing – after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

Winston Churchill


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