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Too Big to Jail?

During some recent down time at work, I had the chance to read some of  my socialist rags.  In The Progressive there were accusations that Wall Street firms broke the law in what led up to our latest economic recession.  If this is remotely true, why is it no one is paying for their transgressions.?  Why is it we bailed them out?  And most importantly, why are we paying them to escort us to the next financial crisis?  What is up with this?  Someone please tell me. 



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The federal budget process

President Barack Obama unveiled his budget request today, but the actual decisions about how the government raises and spends money are made on Capitol Hill in a process that usually lasts most of the year.  Here’s how it works: Continue reading


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Goal: Students leave high school “college or career ready”

Obama Wants ‘No Child Left Behind’ Overhauled

The president will seek to change the way schools are judged as successes or failures and will eliminate the law’s 2014 deadline for bringing every single American student to academic proficiency. Sources say he’ll seek to replace the law’s binary pass-fail accountability system with one that divides schools into more nuanced categories, and that he’d replace the 2014 deadline, which Education Secretary Arne Duncan has called a “utopian goal,” with the goal of having all students leave high school “college or career ready.”

Read it at The New York Times


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Monday, 2/1/10, Public Square

President Harry Truman signed the bill proclaiming February 1 as National Freedom Day, June 30, 1948

The purpose of this holiday is to promote good feelings, harmony, and equal opportunity among all citizens and to remember that the United States is a nation dedicated to the ideal of freedom.

February 1 was chosen to be National Freedom Day because it was the day in 1865 that President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.  This amendment, an important change to our written law, outlawed slavery in the United States.

We’ve come a long ways, and we have so much further to go!


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