Saturday, 1/30/10, Public Square


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  1. tosmarttobegop

    MSNBC is having a re-broadcast of the question and answers from the Republican conference and President Obama at 11 central.

    The President handled it with logic, reason and point blank truth, sorry T.B. he did not spit in their faces and call them pond scum.

    Last night on the discussion on MSNBC Keith did cover Fox’s way of reporting the event while it happened.

    As soon as the Q&A started they cut away and had their resident critics trashing Obama.

    Later any mention was nothing more then the likes of Rick Santrom talking as if yesterday never happened.

  2. fnord

    President Obama is an adult, extremely intelligent, well informed on all topics, and he proved that yesterday. All the questions needed to be asked and answered publicly and he was certainly ‘up to the task.’

    I’m sure there are several Republicans asking themselves ‘why in the world did we allow television cameras’? Now they’ll need to spin the questions, the answers, and fool those who are easily fooled.

    Fox didn’t even carry the entire conversation. It will be easy for them and their viewers to cherry pick, take out of context and make it what they want and need it to be. Meanwhile, people capable of thinking and those who possess the ability to reason will listen and read the entire exchange and know the truth.

  3. fnord

    Here’s a link to the full Q & A session — all 1 hour, 7 minutes and 16 seconds — so anyone may watch it in its entirety at their convenience without an interpretation by someone else.

  4. David B

    A Reminder:

    Raj for Kansas Headquarters Grand Opening TODAY at 3 PM. Please bring any office supplies you can spare. 401 E Douglas, Suite 200.

    See you there?

  5. fnord

    KU won — in overtime by only 2 points when that 3 pointer at the buzzer went in… Who knew I could hold my breath for so long?

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Kaaaaaa Uuuuuuu!

  6. Monkeyhawk

    I’m glad the KU/K-State game means something again. For the first time in what? 20 years? Bramledge sounded like ol’ Ahearn Field House during the Jack Hartman era.

    Who woulda thought Frank Martin could single-handedly negate Prince and Huggins fiascoes and restore Silo Tech to respectability?

    I also became more impressed by Bill Self. His team is good and he didn’t try any standard coachy poor-mouthing. Sharon Collins’ post-game quote that the best college club in America was encouraged to enjoy “The Swag” was straight from Self. And his time-out huddles always included messages such as, “Enjoy this! It doesn’t get any better.”

    And you’d be hard pressed to not agree.

    To paraphrase: It’s why we watch the game!

    Good show, ‘Cats. Class act, ‘Hawks.