Public Square 01-26-10

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  1. tosmarttobegop

    LOL damn it, with them having live coverage of Roeder’s trial I will find myself in the same boat as the O.J. trial!

    Wanting to watch and either being reluctant to do anything that would stop me from watching.
    You would think I would be one of those people that hang around the courthouse and setting in on trials.
    I love seeing the elements and how it dances within and around the elements of the law.

  2. lillacluvr

    I was on only one jury in my lifetime (knock on wood that notice to appear never finds me again – LOL).

    Anyway, it was interesting to watch all the ins and outs of a trial. Most of it was pretty straight forward but some of it was just downright pathetic. Especially when the defense told us on the first day they were looking for a witness and he could not be located.

    But in the last few hours of the trial, they brought in the character witness. The Judge sent the jury out of the courtroom.

    When we came back in, here was a man about 60-65 yrs old, clean shaven, clean hair, a suit that was about 2 sizes too big for him. He was also wearing tennis shoes. Now, where do you think he came from? BTW – there were now 2 extra deputies in the courtroom.

    It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out where they found this character witness – try next door at the jail.

    Does not exactly make for a good source of a character witness – now does it?

    I have to admit, I kinda felt sorry for the defense lawyer. Sometimes you just gotta play the cards you are dealt.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I too have only been on a jury, the character witness was also of questionable character.
    And stated that he had driven the defendant to the other side of town and a person he saw looked like the defendant was selling drugs.

    When asked he said the reason they were on the other side of town was to BUY DRUGS!
    To make matter worse he was forced to admit the defendant on occasions did also sell drugs.

    Can you guess what the defendant was on trial for?

  4. David B

    WOOT! The FBI arrested 4 people in New Orleans yesterday, including James O’Keefe, the young conservative who made undercover videos in ACORN offices

  5. Thunderchild

    Yeah David. I saw that!

    ONE of Mr. O’Keefe’s accomplices is the son of a US attorney. Here, he was cast in the role of “guy here to fix Senator Mary Landrieu’s phones.” Another accomplice was caught nearby with listening equipment.