Is the Tea Pot Cracking?

An article in NY Times is raising some interesting questions about the Tea Party Movement.  If the election of Scott Brown was such a win for all Tea Partiers, then why all the problems with the upcoming Tea Party convention ?



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3 responses to “Is the Tea Pot Cracking?

  1. tosmarttobegop

    Brown seems to be a “man for all seasons” different ideologies and differing camps all claiming victory.
    Independents, Tea party, Republicans and Conservatives all claiming he is their man. Even some Conservative and Moderate Democratic.

    And it can be funny when one group so object when another claims him.

    A commentator said a Mass Republican is like a Gay Conservative?

    But yes I would suspect we are seeing the awakening of the divide within the Tea party.
    When your driving force is the hatred of the Washington insiders and the treating of the American people as mindless sheep. And at least of the sponsors of a leg of the Tea party is Washington insiders treating the people as mindless sheep.

    It will come that everyone that is serious within the Tea party will recognize it.

  2. lillacluvr

    Perhaps that is what is going on? Those with the genuine mission to clean up Washington politics is now seeing their movement being hijacked by those Washington insiders (ie Dick Armey).

    I think that started with the Fox News group coming in and taking over.

    On one hand the Tea Party Movement needed the publicity but now the inmates have taken over insane asylum?

  3. David B

    Don’t miss Jon Stewart on feeding stray animals who will then breed: