Deliberate Deceit or Just Plain Stupid?

As I seem to recall, Michele Bachmann, who once told Michael Steele that he was ‘the man’, was encouraging every American to refuse to participate and ignore the census form.  So, I am puzzled as to why the GOP would choose to use a census-like form for their fundraising?  Further puzzlement is why did they send it to the Democratic Governor in Montana? 



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  1. itolduso

    “Democrats said the letter was part of a deceptive pattern by Republicans. They said it could mislead voters to believe it’s part of the nationwide census being conducted this year”

    More proof that the Democrats (and Republicans for that matter) believe the elecorate is stupid. I received the letter. Anybody believing it was from the government probably was not very observant

  2. lillacluvr

    Maybe that is the point, the average American is not very observant and that is why we have the current two parties in power today?

    As for deceptive practices, which party can claim to be pure white and without sin in that department? I dare say neither one.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I once received a fund raising call from the Kansas Democratic party.

    It does not make a lot of sense to make it look like a censes form, most people only begrudging do the real one. Steele is interesting in the sense some of the things he does seems so out of touch with the reality.
    Like he and the party are so clueless with the society and culture they are operating in.

    Either they totally misunderstand it or are like the guy trying to be cool.

    Both of them do treat people like it is all a gimmick.

  4. lillacluvr

    You’re right about people completing the real census form. If it was not for the fact that it is required by law, I dare say most people would put it in the trash – right next to the litterbox leavings.

    Michael Steele has come up with some over-the-top antics but he has a way of having it all backfire on him – doesn’t he?

    When I read this, I could not see why the GOP would want to hand an issue like this over to the Democrats to use against them. Especially when they sent one to the Democratic Governor of Montana.

    Now that was a stupid move!!!

  5. tosmarttobegop

    He does come off as a juggler with too many balls to keep in the air.

    Lill, it never ceases to amaze me how much idiotic things are so openly done and yet it seldom comes back to haunt them?

  6. tosmarttobegop

    In Steele’s defense though I do not envy his job, the party is so fractured.
    Much like the Democratic party became over Obama-Hillary.

    The differing side are not going to give up their beliefs and stance they just finally begrudgingly tolerate.
    The difference is that with the Republican/Conservatives one side will win not just tolerate the other.
    The winning side will shut out the other side since it was a war of ideology not just differing in stances.

  7. lillacluvr

    I agree, Steele has a very fine line to walk and I don’t envy him, either.

    But I also don’t envy Obama for being the president in these difficult times. Talk about being given a plate full of crap and then everybody demonizes him when things are not fixed within the first year.

    I especially have to laugh when the Republicans criticize Obama for saying that he inherited the mess from Bush but these same people are now trying to say that they never liked Bush either. WTF?

    I am not pleased with everything Obama has done but I do not think this man has sat down and plotted to bring the country down.

    That is where the Republicans and I part ways – the majority of Republicans actually believe that Obama wants to destroy the country.

    Obama and Democrats see things differently than the Republicans in the way to approach our problems and try to find some solutions.

    But when one party simply stomps their feet and says ‘NO’ like a bunch of 2-yr-olds, then what hope is there for a strengthening of our country through some type of compromise?

  8. tosmarttobegop

    LOL partisans does not always mean making sense or using reality.
    When preaching to the partisans it is not important to stick to facts.
    They will believe what ever you say whether it even makes sense.

    I am waiting for some noted Democrat to have to put their 20 years old Cocker-Spaniel who is having organ failure and is blind to sleep. And Fox news will have a snippet of a video where he is talking about it.
    The Democrat will be say, “She was too old and suffering so the best blessing was to end her suffering.”.

    The head line on Fox will be, “Democrat admits he is in favor of euthanasia of the elderly!” .
    No one hearing it will question it or believe it was truly about a old dog.