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The Reagan Test

The ‘Reagan Test – aka Purity Test’  is again being proposed for the Republican Party to implement.  The logic behind this  is because Scott Brown won in a Democratic state,  now is the time to ensure only ‘pure’ Republicans are the candidates who will receive GOP money and support.

But it looks like there are cracks in this teapot, as well.  Seems there is a group of Republicans who see Scott Brown as a person who would fail the proposed Reagan Test. 

Who is correct in their assessment?  Is Scott Brown the future Reagan of the Republican Party or did he just benefit from the backlash of the majority of Independents who were sending a message to the Democrats and the Establishment?  I guess time will tell, won’t it?




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The Threat of Bioterrorism

Bioterrorism – the next phase of the War on Terror?  Where will the billions for this war come from?    We’ve been at risk for a long time but we are still too busy debating the merits of the wars we have already spent billions on (and currently spending) trying to kill all radical Muslims – and that has not done much good, has it?

Will Bioterrorism be the next political football that gets kicked down the road for someone else to promise to fix?




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Is the Tea Pot Cracking?

An article in NY Times is raising some interesting questions about the Tea Party Movement.  If the election of Scott Brown was such a win for all Tea Partiers, then why all the problems with the upcoming Tea Party convention ?




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Deliberate Deceit or Just Plain Stupid?

As I seem to recall, Michele Bachmann, who once told Michael Steele that he was ‘the man’, was encouraging every American to refuse to participate and ignore the census form.  So, I am puzzled as to why the GOP would choose to use a census-like form for their fundraising?  Further puzzlement is why did they send it to the Democratic Governor in Montana? 




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Public Square 01-26-10

The public square for today.


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