An emcompassing, the inclusion of all things of matter.

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  1. tosmarttobegop

    The sirens came louder and louder, then the large EMS truck came pass the front window.
    Stopping about four houses to the South, I walked to the street to see where.

    The effects of something causing emotion and physiological effects afterwards.

    Have you ever had a house that caught fire?

    Afterward the smell of smoke cause you to wander around till you have finally concluded it is not your house. The sights and sounds of a fire truck coming closer makes your heart race a bit.
    At thirteen I was at a friends house when I heard the sirens and knew it was within four blocks.
    I rounded the corner heading toward my house and saw the smoke was far closer then I thought it would be.
    It was my house!

    Shortly after mom moved in with us, she had a Diabetic coma suffering from low blood sugars.
    The fright of I was watching my mother die right in front of me,
    The urgency of concern and the feeling of totally helplessness.

    Now when the sirens come and stop on my street or near by suddenly it is like I am there in that house.
    I feel those feeling of that night again and have to settle myself and go on.

    Perhaps it is because not only are you sympatric but because you are now empathic.