OPEN THREAD DAAA DA! Saturday 01-23 and the first day of the rest of your life!

Went on a job interview yesterday, looks like I maybe getting back into security.

Law enforcement seems to think I am older then I think I am.

And no one else seems interested in a 52 y.o. who piddle his younger year away and had not decided what he wanted to be when he grew up….. I really need to decided that one of these days!


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  1. tosmarttobegop

    LOL I often come back to a question my Aunt asked me once.
    “Do you ever feel like an alien on this planet?”.
    Oddly I did, when I see that a majority has made a decision that makes no sense to me.

    Listening to someone and of course lately its Politicians making a statement that seems to lack forethought.

    Sarah Palin having a following?

    some of President Obama’s choices for a cabinet, picking someone who was the fox watching over the chicken coop while the chickens were disappearing! And he is a good choice for a treasury secretary?

    Firmly continuing a health care bill that is so bad that it is causing his supporters to question their support?

    Banking, I can not go to the bank and borrow two thousand dollars to fix a car I have to make it where I can continue to drive it for another ten years. But can go to the same bank and be approved for a new car that is thirty five thousand which I can not afford!

    Talking to a creditor for twenty minutes to an hour and it being simply repeating the same thing over and over. And it is like there is two totally different conversations happening!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    NEWS FLASH!!!!

    Supreme court rules talking Robotic sex dolls have 1st amendment rights and the Federal wage and hours board finds talking Robotic sex dolls are entitle to the same wages as common street whores.

    Next week the court is to take up the weighty question of whether Chickens have second amendment rights?

  3. lillacluvr

    tstbgop – good luck on the job prospect. Hope everything works out for you.

  4. David B

    Well, cool but sunny!

  5. PrairiePond

    Well, sure as hell, the man obama has asked to come in and run the political operation for the midterms this fall, is either making a huge rhetorical error, or he’s signaling that teamobama is taking away EXACTLY the wrong message from Mass.

    Supposedly, teamobama is going to jettison the provision in the insurance company bailout bill that requires them to cover adults with pre-existing conditions.

    Jesus wept.

    It’s the ONE provision in the bill that still mattered to anyone, and teamobama is going to scrap it?

    Without it, the only thing left are subsidized premiums for the poor. You know, the mandate that bails out the insurance companies and makes tax dollars available to help those MANDATED to buy their crappy products.

    I think this takes the term “tone deaf” to an all time high.

    • tosmarttobegop

      At first I thought the mandate was because of the idea of and when hand and hand with the Public option.
      Now it turns out it was a prize for the insurance covering pre-existing conditions.

      This in that also there were no limits on what the insurance could charge those with a pre-existing condition.
      This makes it the situation of yesterday they would not cover because of a pre-existing condition today it is you can not afford it!

    • Zippy

      I respect Aravosis, but Plouffe doesn’t work for Obama anymore, and he hasn’t coordinated his message with Valerie Jarrett, who does:

      The president will try to get “as much as he can” to reduce the costs of health care, to deal with pre-existing conditions, and other “core principles” he set out from the start, she said.

      Grant, the “try” is scary enough.

      Please, John, we have enough disappointment and fears without jumping on every statement from an Obama disciple as definitive. We need to be disciplined, and keep the signal-to-noise ratio as clean as possible.

  6. PrairiePond

    Maybe Browns win really is the excuse obama and the democrats need to kill ANY meaningful healthcare? I mean, other than the parts that enrich and bail out the health insurance companies.

    Change we can believe in? Not unless we are insurance company corporations enjoying our new personhood….

    Get ready for another generation of repuke rule, complete with appointments to the Supremes.

  7. PrairiePond

    Hey TSTBGOP, I send the call for good luck for you on the job front.

    I hear they are looking for a deputy sheriff out here.

    Hee hee heeeeee. I wouldnt wish it on you…. But I do wish you well in your job search.

    • tosmarttobegop

      And what is sad about that PP is that would be the kind of law enforcement agency that I like to work in.

      Small and wearing many hats.
      But I doubt it would be any less Political then Rush Springs was.
      An attack dog to be kept on a chain.
      Only to be used to attack those that fall from favor.

      I tend to enforce equally and that gets me in trouble with the powers that be.
      i.e. I am now setting in Kansas instead of Oklahoma.

      • PrairiePond

        True enough, TSTBGOP.

        There’s a reason why they havent been able to keep a deputy for more than a year over the last eight years…..

        One of the deputies applied to be the EMS director. The county commissioners turned her down because one of them didnt like how she handled HIS TEENAGED KID’s DUI!

        It’s a snake pit here.

  8. PrairiePond

    Oh and for anyone interested…

    The asshat county/city attorney here who single handedly, and underhandedly I might ad, destroyed economic development, my board, my job, the community, et al, just now, after all this time, got disciplined by the Kansas Supreme Court and had his license jerked for… wait for it… 90 days. That was a harsher penalty than the State Bar asked for. They only wanted him to get a slap on the hand, er, a reprimand.

    It is highly unusual for the Kansas Supremes to hand out a punishment higher than the Bar asked for. And in the Supreme’s statement, they said a minority of their court wanted to sanction him further.

    This ruling didnt have anything to do with me, as time has expired for that. But he destroyed the reputations of three local elected officials by sending a letter to the Hays Daily and our paper that violated his duty of confidentiality to his clients.

    And he admitted guilt, said it was premeditated, he knew it was wrong when he did it.

    He said he did it because he was angry they had terminated his KPERS after the City Council found out he had been receiving it illegally for… 28 years. It was retaliation against the local mayor and city councilmember who found out and corrected it.

    Who said the wheels of justice grind slowly, but exceedingly fine? I’d say this was only a medium grind, but it’s a grind non the less.

    • Zippy

      Fascinating. All he had to do was had them the rope.

      You’d think the State Bar would be more interested in their own precious reputation, though. Ick.

  9. PrairiePond

    Here is a link to the court’s decision regarding David J. Harding.

    Click to access 103195.pdf

    If you are bored and have time, it’s good insight into just how far a lawyer can go and still just get a “reprimand”. Thank goodness the Kansas Supremes saw through it and recommended the license suspension.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    LOL now that is a familiar story PP.

    (“I don’t like the way you handled it!”.

    “What is it that you don’t like about it?”

    “I don’t know I just don’t like the way you handled it!”.)

    The conversation between a council member and I, the morning after I sited a influenced citizen for
    t-boning a church bus full of children while the citizen was doing 45 miles an hour on a residential street.
    and sent three children and the bus driver to the hospital.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Ok it is becoming the continuing story of being screwed by the insurance.
    First was they raised the premium to where we could not afford it and still pay the mortgage.

    Now the second blow, at the end of September we helped move my father-in-law to Oklahoma.
    The day we planned to come back to Kansas my wife woke up not able to set up without felling back into the bed hard.

    She could not even raise on her elbows without falling over and was dead weight with any attempt to help her. There were not enough people to carry her to the car to take her to the E.R.
    So we called EMS and she was taken to the local hospital.

    After several tests, she was found to have a sever inner ear inflection.
    The Doctor told her she was to stay in bed for at least 24 hours.

    Now we are starting to receive bills from what seems to be everyone that was working at the hospital that day.

    It turns out that the insurance is refusing to pay anything and why?

    Because she had not called the insurance company to ask permission before going to the E.R.!

  12. tosmarttobegop

    LOL since I hit on conversations I have had between a council member and I here is another good one.

    The council member who was also the Police commissioner came to speak to me one night.
    He had received a complain that when a woman was expressing her concerns about how she did not like how the drainage along her street was not done to her liking.

    That she said it seemed I was looking through her and a thousand miles away.
    I remembered that woman and for the most part she was sighting a very minor bump of dirt and I had told the city maintainer worker that he might need to look at it.

    I explain to the council member that I do try to be diplomatic but often it is my eyes that give away my true thoughts. That if he had came to me complaining about a dog five miles outside of town.
    That was barking at the school bus when he drove by.

    I would not say out loud what I would be thinking, but my eyes would be reflecting that I think you are being idiotic.

    A WEEK LATER, the same council member came and called a meeting of the Police department.
    Among other things, he started talking about how the council was considering having the Police to enforce a propose new city ordinance that would require everyone with in the city limits to grow a certain flower in their yards.

    Suddenly he turn and look at me and snapped “ I AM NOT BEING IDIOTIC!”.
    I had not say a thing……Damn my eyes!

  13. tosmarttobegop

    I changed my avatar

  14. tosmarttobegop

    But it does not seem to have took, its not me I found it on People of wal-mart.

    Man you see the photos there and wonder if these people actually have a clue how they appear?

    It reaffirms what I say of going to Greenwhich wally world…. Its like being in the cantina in Star wars!

  15. Zippy

    If David Plouffe thinks he can “sell” that to voters in the midterm, he’s out of his mind. But Plouffe, as I recall, was campaign manager–while I suppose he had power to (dis)approve anything, Axelrod was the message man.

    So one has wonder if Jarrett’s appearance was damage control. John McCain is already making overtures to the White House.

    So the question becomes: will passing an expansion of mandatory coverage with no real reform be regarded as better, politically, than the real thing.

    Perhaps a rising young politician spoke the truth:
    “‘We’ve had enough of … triangulation and poll-driven politics.”,triang101507.article

    By ignoring the polls completely, which consistently show the public wants greater reform.

    Which is also the right thing to do.