Did Arlen Go Too Far?

Looks like Arlen Specter has created another little showdown with his former colleagues.  Does the GOP have a right to complain or would this be considered Arlen Specter’s free speech?  And, as we all know, Republicans are the first ones to cheer for freedom of speech.




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3 responses to “Did Arlen Go Too Far?

  1. lillacluvr

    Be sure to listen to the audio portion of this article and form your own opinion.

    Does Ms. Bachmann have a valid point that she was demeaned and told to shut up and sit in the corner?

    Or is this part of the politics game? Ms. Bachmann is not known to be someone who has kept quiet previous. She has been known to be very outspoken and has even demeaned a few people in her own way.

    Is Arlen just giving her back some of the medicine Ms. Bachmann likes to dish out?

    And, what difference does it make if Arlen Specter is seen as telling this woman to shut up and sit in the corner and Glenn Beck commenting on Sarah Palin yapping?

    Did the GOP demand an apology from Beck?

  2. tosmarttobegop

    When I first heard this I wondered if it was a snippet of a longer tape?
    The same thought happened the second time too, it just sounded like there should be something going before it.

    As it did sound like Specter was being overly reactive and rude.
    I thought surely Bachman had brought this on but I was not getting that part.
    But it was Specter who was the one interrupting much like Chris Mathews does.
    Ask a question, then allow the person only to get out “Well Chris” then Mathews starts babbling and cuts them off. Bachman’s answer of voting for prosperity was being non-committal.
    Like saying I am for justice and peace without it actually saying anything of meat and meaning.

    I dislike Bachman and consider her not just to be a loose canon but a loose loony-toon.
    But unless there is more it was Specter who was being the loony-toon.

    • lillacluvr

      That thought crossed my mind also – because I did not hear Bachmann saying anything when Arlen seemed to trip out.

      Perhaps this is a case of Ms. Bachmann’s reputation for being seen, by some, as an obnoxious loudmouth preceding her and Arlen was trying to get the upper hand early on in the debate?

      Between these two – I am not sure I would want to support either one. One is as bad as the other one.