New Zealand has spoken….

I wonder how long will it take before the uproar from Social Conservative Christian Republicans to raise a ruckus about New Zealand’s decision to remove these Bible inscriptions from the gun sights?  How long will it be before we hear how anti-Christian and anti-American they are ? 



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  1. lillacluvr

    I find interesting in this article that the gun sight company apparently did not tell their customers about these Bible inscriptions while offering their product for sale.

    And who in their right mind would ask if Bible verses were inscribed on gun sights before purchasing them?

    Somehow guns and Bible verses should NEVER go together.

    You just cannot fix stupid!

  2. Good for New Zealand!

    Although both New Zealand and America spokespersons said they were unaware of the Bible verse inscriptions, New Zealand addressed it when they learned of its existence.

  3. Who would consider putting ‘no Bible verse inscriptions’ in the specifications for the order? How would you cover all the potentials, including those most people wouldn’t ever think of?

    I understand this wasn’t something known about at the time the orders were placed, but now they know, every one knows, so get it fixed!

  4. lillacluvr

    Not only has New Zealand told this company to not put these Bible verses on further purchases for them, but New Zealand is removing these verses on gun sights that are already being used.

    Good for New Zealand.

    I wonder – what New Zealand food will our kneejerk Republicans choose to demonize this time? I still remember the stupid move of the ‘freedom fries’ as an act of retaliation against France.

    My, how clever these juvenile GOPPERs are.

  5. lillacluvr

    You know, this company could always refuse to sell their product to New Zealand and others if they do not want to remove their Bible verses from the gun sights.

    But isn’t the golden rule of business that the customer is always right?

    Apparently, this particular customer wants the verses off.

    I wonder if this company is willing to give up millions of dollars in sales for their Christian principles?

    • “I wonder if this company is willing to give up millions of dollars in sales for their Christian principles?”

      Great question! Yes, dollars have had an effect on Christian principles in the past.

  6. itolduso

    Take the verses off gun sights. They have no business being there.

    • lillacluvr

      The other issue for me is the fact that this company obviously never told anyone about these inscriptions on their gun sights.

      And who would think to ask such a question when purchasing gun sights for a country’s military?

      Now, if people are buying these gun sights and they know about these inscriptions beforehand and they are okay with it – then I have no problem with this company selling their product.

      And if a government does not want them on their military’s guns, then they have every right to have them removed.

  7. Monkeyhawk

    Maybe we should learn from the New Zealand gun site lesson and start specifying “And no Bible verses” with everything you order.

    Like “…and an order of fries; no Bible verses.”

  8. lillacluvr

    I just heard on Rachel Maddow’s show that a Fox News host (some man with blonde hair) say that his wife reminded him that the Muslims always yell something religious before they blow themselves up, so ‘they’ started it.

    Really – WTF?

    When will simpletons realize this is NOT a holy that America started. This holy war was started by the Neo-Cons and their cover of the Religious Right.

    If they want to have a holy war, then they can put their skinny white butts on the line – but do not drag my country down with them for their ideology.

    • I understand that was Steve Doucy. WHAT an idiot!

      That is really what you want to do; you want to emulate fanatical terrorists while you demonize them for being fanatical terrorists. More irony and hypocrisy revealed. But the irony always goes right over conservatives’ heads. They have an irony block in their brains, I guess.

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  10. itolduso

    “In a statement released Thursday, Trijicon of Wixom, Mich., says it is also providing to the armed forces free of charge modification kits to remove the Scripture citations from the telescoping sights already in use. Through multimillion dollar contracts, the Marine Corps and Army have bought more than 300,000 Trijicon sights”

    “The company’s practice of putting Bible references on the sites began nearly 30 years ago by Trijicon’s founder, Glyn Bindon, who was killed in a plane crash in 2003. His son Stephen, Trijicon’s president, has continued the practice.

    “Trijicon has proudly served the U.S. military for more than two decades, and our decision to offer to voluntarily remove these references is both prudent and appropriate,” Stephen Bindon said in the statement.”

    • lillacluvr

      This is good because, like I said yesterday, if the purchasers of these gun sights were not aware of the Bible inscriptions – then that was wrong on the company’s part to not make that fact known prior to the purchase order.

      And, in reality, what purchaser would even think to ask specifically if any Bible inscriptions would be on the gun sights before purchasing?

      I think this entire situation is unfortunate but due to some of our over-zealous Americans who obviously think it is okay to use Bible inscriptions on guns because the Muslims – aka ‘they’ – started it first (I am referring to the blonde Fox News guy), then this too shall be brought up and debated forever and will anyone’s mind really be changed after all the yelling and screaming is done?

      The war against the radical Muslim terrorists will not be won simply because we use gun sights with Bible inscriptions on them.

      The only thing that will accomplish is giving the radical Muslims the right to say – see, the hypocrits call us murderers because of our religion, but they use their own religion to kill us.

      And that will never win this battle against those radical Muslims who truly wish us harm.

      Rather than using the gun sights with Bible insriptions, why not use the brain the good Lord gave us? You know, outsmart the enemy.

      That will take a strong resolve to get off their oil and to stop sending them aid money. Perhaps, then, they will realize they only have sand and what is sand worth?

      If these over-zealous Americans that want to fight the holy war are serious – then I say let’s give them all a one-way ticket to Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan and let them do their thing.

      But, funny, I don’t see any of the Fox News talking idiots volunteering for war duty – do you?