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New Zealand has spoken….

I wonder how long will it take before the uproar from Social Conservative Christian Republicans to raise a ruckus about New Zealand’s decision to remove these Bible inscriptions from the gun sights?  How long will it be before we hear how anti-Christian and anti-American they are ? 




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High Court Rolls Back Campaign Spending Limits

As if money didn’t already have an undue influence on elections, now this Supreme Court ruling “endangers federal limits on corporate and union contributions to candidates, as well as other measures that restrict how political ads are regulated. Depending on how the ruling is interpreted, it also could potentially unleash a flow of new corporate cash into the political realm.”

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Can’t they just be appointed?

An actual election isn’t necessary, is it?  Can’t the beauty queen and the centerfold simply take over as president and vice president?  They can decide who gets which office between them, or maybe they’ll rotate on a yet to be determined schedule.

What we do know for absolutely sure at this point is that when Brown won his Senate seat in Massachusetts that win had national importance that went far beyond simply winning a single seat in a single race!  🙂  At least that’s what everyone is telling us, so it must be true!



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Thursday, 1/21/10, Public Square

Prairie P&P’s is 10 months old today.  It is a good place because of the good people who blog here.


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