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  1. What we already knew, makes headlines —

    FBI broke law for years in phone record searches

    From 2002 to 2006, the FBI was illegally collecting thousands of U.S. telephone call records and approving them afterward to “justify their actions.”

    • Will there be any accountability? Will bush the lesser continue to be defended? My guess is no accountability and bush apologists will continue defending the indefensible.

  2. Don’t miss this one! Jon says it so clearly.

    Mass Backwards
    If Martha Coakley loses the Massachusetts Senate seat, the Democrats won’t be able to pass health care reform with an 18-vote majority.


    • When he says, “Democrats, meet me at camera 3…” he makes more sense than I’ve heard anyone make on this subject!

    • Yep, “…leave the bar on the ground … wait for you to trip.”

      Describes the Democratic Party to a “Tea,” if you ask me (which nobody did)!

  3. tosmarttobegop

    As you may guess when it comes to the actions of the Bush administration, to me it is like a child was killed and the police have all the evidence but will do nothing.

    It is being handled as President Ford stated why he pardoned President Nixon. “For the good of the country and because it would have torn the country apart”.

    The hope will be that though many know the reality of what happen that time will heal the wound.

    The alterative is after this country being the victim of the worst attack on the homeland proper.

    The President of the United States would be a War criminal and our own Government had acted as a authoritarian Soviet style government.

    I return to the question, just how many terrorists were in the United States? one thousand?…. A hundred thousand? …… a million?

    How many would need to have been here in order to justify and warrant the actions?

    Un-restricted spying and the suspension of the right to a fair and speedy trial. Warrant-less search and the Government ignoring the Constitution and federal laws.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    It is those of us who are political hacks that are screaming today.
    The Senate race in Mass, is one of watching the bus rushing toward the cliff and you are screaming to stop while it appears those on the bus are cheering and yelling “go faster!”.

    Of course we will see, it will be the end of the day before it is apparent whether the bus stops short of the edge or will plunge head long to the death.

    • I agree with Jon Stewart — this Mass race doesn’t limit the Democrats further than they’ve allowed themselves to be limited. They couldn’t do anything anyway, now they’ll just have another excuse.

  5. On another front, Citigroup has large 4th quarter losses: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/19/citigroup-earnings-bank-l_n_427892.html

    Note the distinction between the consumer banking division which was profitable, and Citigroup Holdings which had losses.

    • lilacluvr

      Additional reading on topic of Man Behind Fox News ….in that article, it speaks of the Citigroup CEO being on a less than stable ground with one of their biggest shareholders – the Saudi prince.

      What’s next in this house of cards?

  6. tosmarttobegop

    You could point out that it is not all churches that are imposing their choice on the public.
    But since their actions are claim to be done in the name of God and claiming their religion tells them they must stand against the issues. They in turn associate all Christians and churches and makes them equally guilty of forcing those not wishing to be subjected to their choice.

    So all Church should be taxed as it would be right and just since there are those who are suffering and being forced to endure these churches and their choice to be Christian and to attend church.

  7. David B

    Watching coverage on the Massachusetts special election… pardon me, but, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

    • That’s one way of saying it.

      If she loses, over and above making excuses of every kind for her loss, what will the Democratic Party do?

      I think they will tuck their tails between their legs, pout and go slinking off to do nothing. And then some of them will lose in the fall of 2010 and be replaced with people who will also do nothing.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I guess I hold hope out that there are still some real Republicans out there.
    In spite of all those that in the end come out sounding like they are preaching the party doctrine of the third reign.

    I become more disillusion when it seems that the public at large see no real difference between one party and the other so when pissed at one they blindly and simply vote for the other party. Not because they have any real hopes in that party simply because they are not seeing any difference between being raped by one rapist and the other.

    In the days to come there will be the blamers and those excusing but none I believe will actually see the reasons for the election of the Republican over the Democrat.

    There will be a drive to pass a terribly faulted bill to hurry up and pass a terribly faulted bill.

    Rather then to concede that they had created a fault bill and the chance that to go to reconciliation might have the chance of fixing some of the faults. And to pass it before the 41 vote takes office.

    I can not help the feeling though, this is like the State saying we are moving your execution up because the

    executioner is wanting to hurry up and go on vacation!

  9. David B

    Ahh Democracy! We get the kind of government we deserve…

  10. To prove to me that there is a difference in the parties, tell me what the Republicans accomplished when they had the presidency and both chambers of Congress for six years ending in Jan. 2007. That wasn’t long ago, we ought to be able to come up with a list, or we could ask for help from ‘the google.’

    Yeah, I know, there is no list and there isn’t anything google can help with.

    But what is that old saying?

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, it’s probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on … shame on you. It fool me. We can’t get fooled again.”


  11. tosmarttobegop

    In some respects there has been things done, even during the Bush years there were things to point to as things done. In the end anything done is something done even if it is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

    There is little comfort in the listing, often the list does not note anything of major accomplishment.
    A law that states that something is wrong and illegal when it was already illegal just no law that actually spelled out it was illegal existed before.

    Well if you are looking for a bright spot, at least now the blaming of the Cons for the failure will now be true. No longer simply sour grapes or an excuse for a failure of the Democrats to get their stuff together.
    I am sure that the conservative Dems are cheering simply because no longer will they have to take the total blame for something not being done.

    • You’re right, of course. Those six years I asked about accomplished:

      Two wars were started

      The Patriot Act was passed

      Our phone numbers were collected by the FBI

      A huge surplus was turned into a historical deficit

      A net loss of jobs

      Government grew larger

      Stem cell research was delayed

      Taxes were cut for the most wealthy and the income gap between the wealthiest and the rest of Americans grew larger

      Education was dumbed down –in some places Creationism was taught, and let’s not forget the abstinence only sex education that was such a failure

      Alternative energy development was set back

      So, this proves you’re right. Without even asking ‘the google’ for any help I was able to make a long list. Won’t it be just such an improvement to go back to the days of those kinds of achievements!?

  12. As Jon Stewart said:

    The Democrats went from having one of the largest Senate majorities in history to having one of the largest Senate majorities in history.

    I wonder what in the world they can find as an excuse for not doing what last year’s election mandated — CHANGE!

  13. WSClark

    It’s time that the Democrats force the GOP into taking a stand. We lost Massachusetts, due to gross incompetence, and therefore lost the majority, so it’s time to play hardball, just as the GOP did when we were in the minority.

    Tell them to put up THEIR healthcare reform bill – withdraw ours – it’s crap anyway.

    Tell them to put up THEIR budget – withdraw ours – it’s crap anyway.

    Tell them to put up THEIR healthcare reform bill – withdraw ours – it’s crap anyway.

    Tell them to put up THEIR national defense plans – withdraw ours – it’s crap anyway.

    Make the MF’ers put up something – play hardball for a change Dems!

    • tosmarttobegop

      The problem would be that the Democratic still has a majority of 59 to 41. Any failures will still fall on the Democratic side. The Republicans will still have the claim that all ills is on the Democratic.

      And may I add, that what is asked of the Republicans when they were in power will be asked of the Democratic now. “Why did you do nothing about anything?”.

      Politics as usual, nothing but pointing fingers and blaming the other side for failures. The voters being angry and outing the majority party to be replaced by the equally inept. ONLY to the next election for the tide to once again turn.

  14. WSClark

    I’ll give you $0.50 for Harry Reid – any takers?

    Didn’t think so.

  15. Yes, the current health care bills (both of them) are not what Americans need. I too think it’s time to play hardball, push it down their throats, let the cards fall where they may. It is good for Americans!

    But, ya know, Will, they don’t seem have any balls. I know you need yours…

  16. Maybe it’s time to put the health care problems on the floor and talk and talk and talk, vote and vote and vote and get everyone on the record and really get something that helps Americans.

  17. WSClark

    My solution is to force their hand – make the GOP do something other than say no. Shut down the government if necessary, make them put up or shut up. Now is the time to get serious.

    Barack Obama TRIED to reach across the aisle in a bipartisan manner. The GOP rejected any attempt at reconciliation.

    Let them call the shots and put it up for a vote. Healthcare reform is dead. So is economic reform.

    Pull all the troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Close all foreign military bases. Shut down all attempts at diplomacy in the Middle East. Slash the military budget.

    Play hardball, to Christ’s sake.

  18. Do you think the democrats might be able to find a pair between the bunch of them?

  19. WSClark

    In the long run, this loss in Mass will be good for the Dems – they rode the euphoria of Obama’s victory and thought that they had the market cornered, just as the GOP thought after 2004.

    Give Reid the boot – he is Casper Milktoast without the redeeming qualities. Tell Pelosi to STFU. Turn Emanuel loose. Get Carlin back into the game.

    Most of all, get Obama to stop being the nice guy.

    We still have a huge majority – make the GOP put up or shut up.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I can agree for the most part with that.
      Reid is short lifed anyway and perhaps there is a stronger Dem in that state.
      But frankly I think you will see a repeat of tonight in Nev.

      It would be important for the party to have such a candidate there.

      And yes Obama was too wishy-washy.

  20. WSClark

    We have ten months until the mid-terms. We have 34 months until the 2012 election cycle….

    It’s time to play hardball.

    You know, a high, hard heater under the chin.

    Ah, maybe one just behind the head – you know – when the batter instinctively leans back INTO it.

    Screw them if they can’t play by the same rules they used when they held all three branches.

  21. David B

    He’s “Independent” asshole asshole asshole

  22. David B

    I hope strokes out tonight. the plastic asshole.

  23. Hey, tomorrow will be a new day! American survived (barely!) eight years of bush the lesser, she is strong.

    Senator Scott Brown won’t make the difference he promises.

    None of us, whether we identify with a particular political party or not, wanted what health-care reform had become. Those watered down lousy bills aren’t what Americans deserve. We still can do better!

  24. tosmarttobegop

    It would only work if there was something involved that would be a major benefit to the country.

    Putting the Cons on the spot for not just the daily operations, they could still blame the Dems.

    If anything should have been learned in the lost tonight is that the public are not paying attention to the everyday.

    This soon after Bush for the Republicans to be making a come back is a big sign that the Democratic has been able to be so maddening that it outshined Bush!

    So dysfunctional and so lacking of a clear direction that they favor the iron rule of the Cons?

    A dog who comes back even after its master has beaten it nearly to death.

    No my friend, this is something that defy logic to me both how badly the Democratic has done when they should have been so focused on doing it right.

    And how it is possible that the voters could be so short minded to be willing to turn back to the Republicans.

    There was the ability to keep Republicans out of Government control.

    And for it to be for decades and it would have taken was for there to have been a concentrate effort to do it right. The herding cats curse stuck again, the wanting to fix every problem at once and ending up not fixing anything.

    The rabbet to be pulled out of the hat is the economy, do that and all sins would be forgiven.

    Health care reform is a wash and the best way to make the Republicans worse off is to correct the economy.
    Making them seem more foolish is hard to do as they work harder at it and can accomplish more themselves at it.

    Play the blame game will not do it, if the people are not already aware of the actions or inactions of the Republicans. There really is nothing farther that can wake them up.

    • tstb —

      One man won one race. Put it into perspective.

      Of course, each party is going to blame the other. Ya think they’re going to accept their own responsibility — any member of either party?

      Good night all. Rest well, I will.

      • tosmarttobegop

        No it was not just one man Fnord.
        This was not just any seat, say what you will it truly was the Kennedy seat.

        It was an indictment of the Democratic rule and the Democratic party.
        To have lost it is not just a cannon ball hole in the side of the ship.
        It was a full broad side fired!

        A wake up call that the ship is in danger of sinking from under the feet.
        It can not be taken and dismissed as the Republican have and it does not mean that it is an indictment of the path the party is following. Another is this soon after Bush, who even the Republicans were glad to see leave.

        Another State having done this could be dismissed, but not there the home and hearth of the party.
        The Lion of the Senate’s seat this soon after his death it is not just one man.

  25. WSClark

    If Reid had any nuts, he would withdraw the Democratic healthcare reform bill tomorrow at eight am and immediately call for a vote on the GOP (nonexistent) version.

    Of course, Harry has no ……………………………….

  26. tosmarttobegop

    Yeah I am sure there is a good movie on somewhere on the cable.
    Good night all…