Managed Care Stocks Up; Hospital Stocks Down

In anticipation of the upset Republican victory in Massachusetts today, the Wall Street Journal tells us that Managed Care stocks are up while Hospital stocks are down.

I hope those making this bet lose the election and their money.



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5 responses to “Managed Care Stocks Up; Hospital Stocks Down

  1. tosmarttobegop

    Did we need another indication of who is really in charge of health care reform?

  2. I am not in favor for health care reform.

    • You think there are no problems, nothing that needs attention?

    • You are in luck, because even if they pass the current bill, we aren’t getting reform at all.

      The hospital association was really pushing this health care reform–the Senate version anyway. They and the doctors are tired of getting stiffed on their exhorbitant bills by recalcitrant uninsured. They REALLY want the mandate to pass. And there are some other sweet deals in there for them. They are surely extremely disappointed, but I am sure they are already plotting a comeback.