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Managed Care Stocks Up; Hospital Stocks Down

In anticipation of the upset Republican victory in Massachusetts today, the Wall Street Journal tells us that Managed Care stocks are up while Hospital stocks are down.

I hope those making this bet lose the election and their money.



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There’s that liberal media again – making things up!



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New York Times to Decide on Reader Payment for Internet Access

According to this Wall Street Journal article, the New York Times will soon reach a decision on whether to, and how to, charge online readers for content to the paper.  The approaches being considered are: 1) allowing access up to a point and then prompting readers to pay for futher content once a limit has been reached, or 2) keeping premimum content restricted to those who pay for subscriptions ( The WSJ uses this latter method).

The linked article indicates that the Times receives a $100 million per year via on-line advertising.  The subscription approach will have to “just right” so as to not threaten this funding stream that already exists.

I would like to see newspapers survive.  What subscription approach, if there has to be one, would you all favor?



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Tuesday, 1/19/10, Public Square


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