Roger Ailes is GOP leader

Republicans looking for a new leader have to look no further than Fox News head Roger Ailes, writes Newsweek’s Howard Fineman this week. “Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum—which is why God created Roger Ailes. The president of Fox News is, by default, the closest thing there is to a kingmaker in Anti-Obama America,” Fineman writes. Fox has fueled the conservative populist revolt that is overtaking the party, Fineman says, and the channel will have a front-row seat at the Tea Party convention in Nashville next month. His station’s recent acquisition of Sarah Palin gives “her a second tryout in the Bigs, while simultaneously using her to generate colossal ratings.” Nothing could be more important in the party today.

I’ve been trying to answer this question: does the Republican Party have a “leader”? Surely it’s not Michael Steele, the loose-lipped chairman of the RNC. Not Mitch McConnell, the funereal Kentuckian who heads the Senate’s rejectionist GOP minority. Not Sen. John McCain; he’s too busy watching his own right flank back home in Arizona. And certainly not the Bushes, elder and younger, hunkered down in Texas. As for the 2012 wannabes, none gets more than a fifth of the GOP vote in the early polls.  But I finally found my answer while I was watching Fox News Channel.



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8 responses to “Roger Ailes is GOP leader

  1. lillacluvr

    All this anti-Obama hatred revolves around two words – greed and power.

    Obama is a major threat to the world of good ol’ boys network. How dare this young skinny black man think he is good enough to be president.

    No matter what Fox news say they are – fair and balanced – the truth lies in the words they choose to use and the events they choose to sponsor/promote.

    I think the tea party movement is backfiring. The majority of Americans are just as angry at how our government has wasted money and sent good jobs overseas but they are blaming BOTH parties.

    Whereas, the tea party movement says they are for voting out all incumbents but yet they have incumbent GOP policitians as their featured speakers.

    And Fox News is right there – front and center – to capture all the hypocrisy on video tape.

    Fox News is its own worst enemy.

  2. I see a bunch of people still angry because they lost. If any of the anger was directed at ideas, solutions to any of our many problems then I would join in! I just see childish pouting.

    We’re told to forget all about bush the lesser — he isn’t president any more, we’re told ad nauseam — and now we should blame the whole thing on Obama and Democrats.

    There is enough ‘blame’ to go around to everyone. What seems to be lacking are any alternative ideas. The plan is to be angry and attack the only ideas on the table?

    The saddest part of all this is that I think it will work. I think being angry will be enough to change the division of power. What and where does that get us? Back to Republicans. Then will democrats just be angry that they lost?

  3. lillacluvr

    As I asked my Republican friend the other day – if Republicans are wanting a ‘do over’ due to Bush not being a ‘pure’ Republican, exactly what would you all do differently?

    She had no answer.

    You see, they get their talking points from Rush, Beck, Coulter, Hannity, Fox News, Palin, Pat Robertson. When you are being led by such great minds as these – is it any wonder the average Republican does not know what they would do differently?

    They are like 2 yr olds in the play yard. They’re mad and they want the rest of the play yard to suffer for it.

  4. lillacluvr

    I would truly be happy to see a third party come in (I know, that is next to impossible) and give voters an alternative.

    If for nothing else, a viable threat of a third party would shake the two major parties enough to kick their current leaders to the curb?

    • I think choice is great! The more choices the better, but I’d settle for an alternate idea or a proposed solution other than the ONE on the table.

      • lillacluvr

        You make a valid point about the Republicans are simply the Party of No and they present no ideas or solutions.

        So we are left with the one on the table?

        How can a democracy work if one side just clams up and says nothing and then complans the other side is taking over?

    • wicked

      To answer your last question, lilac, I’d say the other side that’s being accused of taking over (as if the complainers didn’t take over when they had the reins) should do exactly that. Take over.

      We’ve been wanting to see the Dems grow a pair, and now that they have the chance, they still haven’t.

      I want to see more Bernie Sanderses, more Alan Graysons, who speak up and don’t care what their fellow congressmen think.

  5. wicked

    As for Fox News and their pandering, it became an in-your-face thing when they hired Sarah Plain and Stupid. Unbiased? ha ha hee hee ho ho