Politics Can Do Some Good

I happened to have watched the interview with David Gregory and I hate to admit it, but I  felt kinda sorry for GWB.  He sounded like a man with regrets when asked about Katrina.   But I do have to give Bush credit where it’s due – he did say that working with Bill Clinton was an honor.  He also said something about his mother calls Bill Clinton her 4th son.  Have you ever heard that before?




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  1. wicked

    Yes, I have heard that 4th son comment, but about George I. He and Bill seemed to have bonded in some strange and mysterious way, and the work they do around the world is good. No, it’s great. That’s what former Presidents should be doing. Carter is a pro at it, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The way some of them screw things up, they owe the world their time and their talent for raising money.

    But Barbara? That definitely is thought provoking.

  2. “He also said something about his mother calls Bill Clinton her 4th son. Have you ever heard that before?”

    Yes, he is known as the “smart” Bush boy. 🙂

  3. tosmarttobegop

    It is odd, Bush hated Clinton and anything associated with Bill Clinton.
    He begrudged his father’s lost and to someone that was considered a draft dodger.
    of course if you consider Bill Clinton a draft dodger and the way he did it.
    Then Cheney and many of the Bush administration were also draft dodgers!

    Perhaps politics does not only make strange bedfellows but give enough insight to make some one realize the other’s situation. Or maybe redemption is only accomplished through doing something worthy of redemption?

    • wicked

      Or Daddy Bush told Dubya he didn’t have a choice but to be nice to the 4th Bush boy:)

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I don’t care why Dubya stuck up for Obama or why he’s been working with Bill. I’m just glad to see it.

  4. Boy, that picture you put with this thread header is ugly, and scary, and ugly…

    Yuck! Hate personified.

    • lillacluvr

      This is the picture that came with the article.

      I just don’t get the attraction to Rush – do you?

      He never looks like a nice guy you would want to have a beer with – now does he?

      • No, he doesn’t. But then, I’ve never really wanted to have our country’s leaders be the kind of folks I would want to have a beer with. I think of those people as ‘like me,’ and I want leaders who are far superior to me!

  5. Or they are all members of the elite and we are all being fooled into thinking that there is a difference between the republican and democratic parties.

    The only former democratic president that really keeps his distance from all of the rest of them is Jimmy Carter. He is obviously not part of their crowd. He is obviously the most decent one in the bunch as well. And he was the most unsuccessful of the bunch. I wonder if all of those observations are somehow causally related.

    • lillacluvr

      Jimmy Carter is considered to be an unsuccessful president, and I am not here to go through his administration’s good and paint points.

      But, at least with Jimmy Carter, I was never ashamed of him when he was president.

      I have often said that Carter was too good and honest of a man to play the dirty politics of Washington.

      And then Ronald Reagan came in to the WH and proved me right!