Bye Bye…..

Interesting little bit of news I just read on Huffington Post.   I wonder if this the start of a trend?  Could we be so lucky?



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5 responses to “Bye Bye…..

  1. I read the comments to this HuffPo article. They made the WE Blog look like an exercise in civil discourse. I thought HuffPo was better monitored than that.

  2. BadAxe

    I read the comments this morning. They must have cleaned them up.

    I did a google search for “WE Blog”.
    Whew, what a snake pit.

  3. lillacluvr

    I found it interesting that Joy Behar’s staff is made up of alot of former Beck’s producers.

    If Joy talks on her show like she talks on ‘The View’, then any true Beck believer could not stand to work for the woman.

    I suspect that maybe all this political talk radio/television is nothing but entertainment?

    The more these entertainers keep the country divided, the more money the few in higher places make?

  4. lillacluvr

    Glenn Beck has a right to say his opinion and I have the right to think he is an idiot.

  5. I tend to agree that there is higher potential profit from outrageous statements, keeping the pot stirred, and appealing to our basest natures. We don’t turn away from the train wreck, we’re interested in the gossip! So these people are only using what we give them freely — permission.