Sunday, 1/17/10, Pubic Square


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  1. Good morning! Today is predicted to be a nice January day. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the weather being nice at this time of year (it could be much worse, even bad!). Ginger and I spent a longer time out and about on our walk yesterday, I think today we will make it even longer.

  2. Honestly, the previous presidency (bush the lesser) proved the old axiom, “Everyone is good for something, even if it’s only to use them as a bad example.”

    If all President Obama did was to inspire some, raise optimism and hope, then he has done a great job, and improved on what the last president did! The truth is this president has accomplished much more.

    Obama’s Presidency a Living Example for African Americans

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Blame it on Monster quest last night, it was on the Yeti and here is the only Yeti joke I know:

    An American was living a life long dream; he was climbing to the peak of Mt. Everest.

    Half way up the team camped and the Sharpe guild warned them,

    “If you see a Yeti stay way from it and what ever you do. Never touch it, if you do the Yeti will hunt you till it finds you!”.

    In the middle of the night, the American had to relieve himself and wandered away from the camp.

    While doing his business he heard a blood-curdling scream!

    Frightened he turned to run back to camp and ran into a hairy chest.
    He looked up and into the blood shot eyes of the yeti!

    In sheer terror he ran down the Mountain, every time he looked back the Yeti was behind him plodding down the mountain behind him.

    The American ran faster and faster till finally he came to a small village.
    He turned and looked back and did not see the Yeti.

    He found a room and fell exhausted into bed; every part of his body was in pain.

    The next morning he was woken up to the sound of villagers screaming in fright.

    He looked out the window to see the Yeti standing in the street looking up toward his window!

    Quickly he ran out the back and found a bicycle and started pedaling out of the village.

    He rode and rode till finally coming to a larger village; the Yeti was no where in sight.

    Once again he slept a fitful sleep and once again was woken up to the sound of screaming!

    Yes again when he looked there was the Yeti coming into the edge of the village?

    The American then ran out and rented a motorcycle, which he rode to the largest city in the area.

    He caught a flight out and flew to Great Britain where he caught a connecting flight to America.

    He had finally escaped the Yeti he was sure, he got back home.

    Everything went well for six months then one day there was a knock at the door.

    He opened the door only to see a large and hairy chest in front of him!

    Looking up, he saw the Blood shot eyes of the Yeti looking down at him!

    The American was in shock and frozen in fear, when the Yeti reached out and touched his chest.

    Saying, “T A G Y O U ‘ R E I T!”

  4. wicked

    Totally OT, but I discovered this a couple of weeks ago and meant to post it for the music lovers.

    The Music’s Over
    but the songs live on

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Getting time to take the grandson home. I may be back later tonight, it was a dream visit one of the twins and he was a joy!