Too Close to Call….

This latest news has the Kennedy senate seat race as too close to call.  Will it be a game changer?  If so, then how will this play into a possible (and probable) Mitt Romney presidential bid?

Alot more than health care rides on this election – IMHO.



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  1. lillacluvr

    What if a Republican wins this seat? Will that have any bearing on 2012? Will Mitt Romney benefit from this radical change since Romney is a former governor of this state?

    But what will it mean if a Democrat keeps the seat but barely? Does that mean the Kennedy dynasty is gone? What happened to all those Kennedy possible candidates?

    Did the family decide enough is enough for politicis or are they out doing their service to their country in other areas?

    I’ve not done a research on the Kennedys and which kids are in politics and which ones are off in their own conquests.

    Does anyone know anything about the status of the Kennedy family?

  2. I don’t think the race is as close as it seems. The pollsters are adjusting for low turnout which may happen, but who knows for sure.

    If the race is closer than the last one, the Republicans will scream it is a TOTAL victory. Their guy doesn’t have to win for them to claim they won.

    Massachusetts is a very blue state, but they elected Romney so obviously it wouldn’t be a first.

    The media is blowing it out of context, in my opinion, especially the twenty-four hour cable news channels who struggle to remain relevant after the umpteenth airing of ‘news.’

    Even if the Republican wins it doesn’t mean the end of health-care reform!

    When the Democratic Party loses their 60-seat super majority (it will happen!) what will the party of NO use as their excuse? Will this suddenly cause them to have a plan, an idea, a solution?

    As to your question about the Kennedys — no, I’m not ‘up’ on who the political players are.



    “In most years, a Kennedy running for Senate would demand front-page coverage and sentimental recollections of Camelot and America’s most storied political family.

    But this year, it’s all about a plain old Joe.

    The candidacy of Joe Kennedy, a little-known insurgent candidate who bears no relation — or resemblance — to Massachusetts’ first family of politics is raising the possibility that some confused voters may pull the lever for him in Tuesday’s special election for the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.”

  4. David B

    I even sent a modest donation to MoveOn to help in the Massachusetts race… it is worrisome.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I expect it to happen in Kansas, as much as the Democratic writes off Kansas.
    The Republicans think it such a sure thing they ignore Kansas entirely.
    But the surprise will come unforeseen and a WTF moment!

    It may be happening Mass. the Kennedy seat the Lion of the Senate and the poster child of the Democratic party. Taking the people for granted and thinking there is no need to court them and it was a foregone conclusion.

    Would it mean the death of the Obama Presidency? No but it would mean that the party is over and the time has came to get the act together. I warned of not being so “Oh you love me…. you really love me!”.
    Because they only love you for now, tomorrow it starts all over again.

    The lost of this seat would have nation wide effect, the defeat of the Kennedy seat is the most plain sign
    That the Democrats are in real trouble and the unthinkable could be happening… the people have forgotten Bush and the Conservative during the last eight years.

    • lillacluvr

      tstg – you haven’t got the GOP memo yet about Bush and the Conservatives were not in office the last eight years?

      Just ask any of them – they are not responsible –

      Roll eyes here…

  6. Monkeyhawk

    I’m not sure Coakley is ready for prime time, but she’s won a state-wide election and should be able to GOTV.

    That’ll be the key, really.

    Can the Tea-Baggers get people to show up at the polls? We’ll see.

    I suspect they’re at the peak of their power. The Repubic Party structure is already against ’em. And they’ve split among themselves.

    • lillacluvr

      I guess it might come down to what kind of weather they have on election day.

      I’ve heard many commentators about this race and one Conservative on the talk radio show today conceded that Coakley will probably win.

      The Tea Baggers might even be an albatross around Scott Brown’s neck. There might be a backlash against all that Tea stinkin up the place.

      • They “do” weather more easily than we do, it seems. Although, during that 10 days from hell we experienced earlier this month our temps were much colder than theirs at that time!

  7. I read the Boston Globe regularly, but usually the science pages. Today I ventured into more and read several articles about this race. Then I read the comments to the articles. It was like reading at WEBlog — hate, vitriol aimed at President Obama, government in general. It didn’t sound anything like the Massachusetts I’ve listened to many times. I dug a little deeper and found some comments that identified many of these hate-filled posts as people who aren’t in the state, don’t have a vote… It sounded like a well organized attack!

    Anyway, no one will need to wonder much longer. Next Wednesday will be here before we can blink.

    • Zippy

      Hmmm. . .interesting observation. I’ve posted on out-of-state blogs (indeed, I’ve been doing that since 2006 🙂 ), but never in any organized fashion. I usually don’t even save my login info.

      I fear P.T. Barnum was a prophet, and people have notoriously short memories.

      Here’s a thought: dare to dream, again. Pretend, for a moment, that the dream will never die.

      But aside from that, I think David Axlerod may become as important than Obama, at least in the short term. Selling the dream is tough to do when you’re trying to run a country and when you habitually negotiate compromises and never put your foot down (or did he? not publicly), it’s tough to be inspiring.

      And perhaps Firedoglake.etc should do some of their own ambushing.