I Wonder What Johnny Carson would say…



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  1. I don’t like Jay Leno, but consider Conan O’Brien an absolute disaster. Either way, NBC continues to wallow in the ratings.

  2. lillacluvr

    Do you think there are more people that don’t care for either one and just wishes that the entire lot of them would shut up and go away?

    In the meantime, Letterman is having a field day. With the prospect of a Palin presidential bid and a beaten-down Leno returning to a crippled Tonight Show, Letterman’s stock is looking like a big winner.

  3. Monkeyhawk

    My 10 – 11 pm routine is Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. Sometimes I’ll catch Letterman’s T0p 10 List, but I’ve never been tempted to do much more than channel surf past Leno and Conan.

    I have a couple of friends who work in the promotion department at NBC Burbank. It’s been an awkward week.

  4. Zippy

    What it shows is that management at NBC entertainment is completely ruthless and incompetent.

    I think both Leno and Conan were funnier when they didn’t have to assume the Institution. I was hoping to see weird gags like the
    “Walker Texas Ranger” lever and of course, the yearly tradition of lighting the Christmas Vagoda (actually ancient actor Abe Vigoda).

    I do know when Conan first started, they put him on 90 days contracts (I’m not kidding). I suspect that treatment is fresh in his memory now.

    And Jay, love ’em, needs to show a spine or retire.

  5. Go here:


    and watch the video, “Jimmy skewers Jay … to his face.” It’s good for a belly laugh.

    • While you’re at the click above, check out the videos

      “Rush uses tampon defense”


      “Stewart: Robertson the Hypocrite”

      You know, there aren’t adequate words to describe what Rush calls his, “piercing, penetrating logic.” And, I best stay away from my opinion of how he treats the female of our species.

  6. I always preferred Letterman to Leno and I don’t get Conan O’Brien. Having said that, I think Leno is classless, which he has proved in the past, and I won’t even THINK of watching him now. Surely he has enough cars in his warehouse now–did he REALLY need to take the job from Conan?

    The truth is, neither one of these guys was in a position to take Johnny’s place. Nobody could wear those shoes, but Letterman was closer to the possibility than Leno ever was and Conan is just a different animal altogether

  7. Here’s an example of what Johnny used to bring us — entertaining, enlightening and fun! He never thought so highly of himself that we weren’t able to laugh ‘with’ him!

  8. Zippy

    David Letterman was the most natural successor, but no one could be Johnny. I would give all three credit for knowing that.

    I “get” Conan when he takes chances, otherwise he’s boring so in a sense, getting crapped on and letting loose may in the end be the best thing for his career.

    Jay’s stupidly let himself get put in lose-lose situation, and I can’t feel sorry for him. Instead of dissing Conan (if he felt that strongly) he should have balked at losing the show during negotiations in 2004.

    Patton Oswald is right: At least Conan wanted to try new things. Jay was coasting.

  9. wicked

    I’m working backwards today, trying to catch up here a little.

    I rate the three late night guys from the bottom up.
    3. Can’t stand Conan, even for a few minutes.
    2. Never liked Letterman much.
    1. Leno is so-so

    In other words, I don’t watch late-nite talk TV. But then I don’t watch daytime talk TV either. Oprah makes me want to barf, Ellen is too wacky. Phil is gone. LOL I’m just not star-struck enough to care who has who on their show.