“Money is worth nothing right now, water is the currency,” one foreign aid-worker told Reuters.

The United States was sending 3,500 soldiers and 300 medical personnel to help with disaster relief and security in the devastated Caribbean capital, with the first of those scheduled to arrive on Thursday. The Pentagon was also sending an aircraft carrier and three amphibious ships, including one that can carry up to 2,000 Marines.



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  1. Griffin was telling me last night that we have ships equipped with amazing medical equipment and supplies, plus desalinization equipment to make potable water.

    Do you think these are the kind of ships mentioned in the linked article?

    This is another test of our humanity, is it not? Let’s hope and pray we do better this time!

    • tosmarttobegop


    • I think this might be another one of those times that we are glad that we elected Obama instead of McCain because I am fairly confident that Obama will make sure that the aid that we provide is effective, organized and actually helpful. No Republican has ever proven to me that they know how to respond to a crisis situation.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Reporters wanting to fill time and gathering information when there seem little to truly gather.
    Have a tendency to ask some of the dumbest questions, heard one this morning from Haiti.

    “When you was trapped under all that concrete were you scared?”.
    This was asked of a woman who was waiting to board a plane. her pelvis had been crashed.

    When ever I hear such moronic questions out of a reporter, it reminds me of the movie “Demolition man”
    The little girl is rescued and Stillon is hold her when the reporter come up and asked.

    “So you allow a multi million dollar shopping mall to be blown up just to save this little girl?”.

    If you have seen the movie you might remember the little girl’s response.

    • lillacluvr

      My husband and I had some good friends who lost their entire home to a fire. As we were in the front yard watching the firemen putting out the fire and all the horror taking place, I remember the local television newsman coming up to my friend and asked ‘what did you lose that meant the most?’

      How insensitive and how stupid at the same time.

      If I remember correctly, the television station could not air what my friend told him to do with his microphone.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    May we be judged by our efforts in Haiti and not the comments of Lambaugh!

  4. lillacluvr

    Of course, Obama is already being criticized for coming out in one day to help the light skinned and dark skinned people in order to enhance his own political standing in the world.

    Yeah, right – Rush.

    I am proud of President Obama for coming out, standing up and doing what America does best – help in natural disasters.

    Now, if we could only learn to stop making man-made disasters like the Iraq War. But, Obama wasn’t there for that one – but he is there now to be sure to get our soldiers out of that rat hole. And we’re watching and taking notes.

    • Any criticism of helping the people of Haiti must come from insecure people who are quick to criticize because of their jealousy. The ones who want nothing good to be reflected from leadership that is majority Democratic.

      This isn’t a political situation! Cannot be used as such either for praise or fault!

      If nothing was done, and politicians sat back arguing over whether the city, the state, the nation needed to help while more people died and suffered, then we could see a political influence!

      • lillacluvr

        Ah, you’re talking about Katrina – right?

        I had more than one discussion during that time when Bushbots actually told me that Bush was prevented by law to send in help before the governor asked for help.

        And these Bushbots did not blame Bush for anything that happened at Katrina.

        As I said at the time, even if the governor did not call Bush first – why didn’t Bush call her and say – WTF?

        The news coverage was non-stop and I remember Mayor Nagin on t.v. begging for help – and still how long did it take to get help in there?

        Katrina was more than just a hurricane – it was a monster of a disaster and not one like it had been dealt with before – so I’m thinking that the rules might have been suspended at that time and nobody would have cared – IMHO.

        But, you know those lovable Bushbots, they need to find any cover – even a lame legalese cover – to find their boy blameless.

      • Katrina was more than just a hurricane – it was a monster of a disaster and not one like it had been dealt with before – so I’m thinking that the rules might have been suspended at that time and nobody would have cared – IMHO.

        He sure as hell did just that when it suited his purposes. He suspended rules and made “emergency rules” whenever he thought he could get away with it!

  5. BadAxe

    Good on the Pentagon. As soon as the American military gets there, things will start looking up. The Air Force showed up yesterday evening and set up a temp air control tower for the airport. That’s going to have to be one of the main supply access points until the Navy can get the harbor clear and back up and running. Soon as the amphibs get there, there’ll be a butt-load of choppers to ferry in supplies.

  6. BadAxe

    Unless somebody mounts an heroic effort, it’s going to get really bad in Hati. Best estimates are 2-3 days before enough aid arrives and can be distributed. That alone will be a death sentence for a lot of Hatians. 3-4 days without water can kill you.

  7. lillacluvr

    One major obstacle, as I understand it, is that Haiti does not have the infrastructure that we are accustomed to having.

    Sometimes just having the basic necessitities (like Americans are used to having) has been a problem. So put a disaster of this magnitude on top of that factor and the people do need help desperately and the sooner the better.

    I’m glad Obama has sent our military to help. This act will show that our military is not just for destruction – it is also for helping our fellow human beings on this planet.