Truthful or Agenda Driven?

Does Joan Walsh have a point about these unnamed sources?   Is this another book that is clearly one of those that people will see what they want to see and disregard those parts that don’t fit their personal agenda?



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  1. lillacluvr

    Is a book without confirmed quotes like a budget with only 4 pages?

    Just wondering…

  2. tosmarttobegop

    It can be the most maddening thing about this whole thing with Politics, society and human nature.
    “What the heck to believe?”, in the end it all seems to fall to believing what ever you want to believe.

    I have to agree with Joan Walsh, these revelation in the book are dynamite and damning to the people who the words are being implied to have said them.

    If you dislike Palin it is easy to accept that she was for the most part clue-less and a ditz.
    Many already think that Edwards is amoral and a loser, so his part along with that Elizabeth is no saint could be accept with like proof.

    In a world where not too many actually demand real proof it is easy to just make things up knowing the majority will accept it as fact.

  3. Aren’t we punished enough just to know they are corrupt, selfish, egotistical… in their public lives? Do we also have to know they are lunatics privately??

    It’s real hard to keep my Pollyanna thoughts and attitude… 🙂

    But, honestly, we’ve all acknowledged that the rigors of getting elected turn the brightest and best away from politics. Just who in their right mind would want to be part of that?

  4. Lilac,

    Hope you don’t mind my addition to your post. I had also planned a post on this subject — now we get the best of both, working on it together!

    • lillacluvr

      Thanks fnord – I was looking for the same picture but wanted to get this posted due to tstg touching on the subject of untruths having the ability to grow legs and run rampant on the other blog.

      I thought this article would make for a good discussion.

      Is it human nature that we choose to believe the most outlandish things as facts without confirming if they are facts?

      Or do we ‘choose’ to believe what we want to believe?

      Unfortunately, the first thing we hear about someone is usually the thing we remember. To make things worse – the correction are always buried on page 16 where as the rumor was on page 1.

      Does freedom of the press come with responsibility to make sure we have the truth before something is published?

      Writing fiction is one thing but if you’re alluding to people’s conversations – then you might want to back those up with proof – IMHO.

      But until the American public starts holding writers accountable for their writings, we will continue to live in this world of whoever says the most outlandish thing first – wins the battle.

      After all, the attention span of the average Amercan is what – a 30 second soundbite?

  5. Here’s another op-ed piece about the book.

    Politicians Gone Crazy

    “The real revelation in the new book Game Change: Campaigns turn our politicians into lunatics.”

  6. I did note that the authors of this book made McCain as profane and abusive to his wife as some of the hints we were given during the campaign.

  7. It does trouble me a bit that there is so much talk about this book. One thing it seems to prove is that the appetite of people for the salacious is never sated.

  8. As if politics isn’t ugly enough! We can’t turn away from the train wreck…

  9. Do books like this one decide or at least influence elections? If so, I fear we can get even worse than we are currently!

  10. I’ve never had a thought in my mind that I would enter politics, but I can tell you for sure — I won’t!

    If my life were examined, someone would surely ask, “That girl from Kansas did what?”

    How many lives do you think would survive the scrutiny? And, which of the secrets revealed would tell us whether or nor that person might make a good or bad public servant?

  11. lillacluvr

    Gossip and innuendos are two of the most dangerous weapons that can be used.

    They can ruin a person’s reputation forever.

    When I hear something that doesn’t sound quite right, I always try to think of the motivation of the source. Are they trying to manipulate public opinion or are they just stuck on stupid and regurgitating what some entertainment type has told them to think.

    I have yet to read this book, so I cannot comment on specific issues but from the reviews and media coverage it has received, I have to wonder – just what was the motivation of these authors?

    • lillacluvr

      At least with Steve Schmidt on television talking about Palin and the campaign, it was him personally there during the campaign.

      Now Palin claims that Schmidt is lying about some things. Okay, that may be true but at least it is Schmidt, himself, being accused of lying. And this is where witnesses would come in handy – to prove or disprove something.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    In an interview I read with David Brock the reformed Neo-Conservative where he was talking about how they tried to undermine and bring down Bill Clinton.

    He said it was amazing, all they had to do was find just a few crumbs of fact or the truth.
    Spin it into the most outlandish and unbelievable and it would take off and people were so willing to take it as the truth.

    White-water, the cattle deal and even Vince Foster everything was nothing more then some innocent crumb that was spun into the insidious.

    Oddly the only thing they uncovered that was on its face bad was Lewinsky and they almost let it slide!
    The truth was so outlandish that they thought it was someone else’s attempt and not the truth.

  13. Look at how they try to bring down President Obama.

    –He isn’t an American citizen.

    –He is a socialist or something that ends in “ism.”

    –He is a Liberal.

    –He is a Muslim.

    –Someone else wrote his book (can’t remember who, it’s difficult to keep up).

    –He wasn’t a law professor.

    –He never held a job.

    –He ‘pals around’ with terrorists.

    All of the above have been proven untrue. Are his opponents overlooking some fault that might bring him down while they make up these lies?

  14. lillacluvr

    I’ve seen rumblings in the headlines of such illustrious paper rags such as National Enquirer as to the Obama marriage being on the rocks and that Michelle has insane jealous fits. One paper even was hinting that Obama might be gay.

    I never actually pick up any of these rags to read them, but I’m sure there are those who would shriek with delight at the thought of anything of a sexual nature bringing down Obama.

    Remember, it only takes the wrong words at the right time and place into the ears of the willing to take any lie mainstream.

    Lies and gossip spread like cancer and do as much damage.

  15. David B

    Actually, Obama’s love-child is the Wichita Batboy….

    • There! That’s the ONE they’re looking for — the ONE that will surely bring him down.

      Who knows how many other attacks they’ll drag out. Makes them look so mature, so capable when they trot out their bag of lies and complaints.

      • lillacluvr

        Speaking of maturity – did anyone else notice the Opinion Line last week when someone contributed this gem –

        There are so many Obama haters because there were so many Bush haters and then they added ‘ right back at you’.

        Is this the locker room at junior high or what?

        But, you know, most of their complaints and rants about Obama do stem from one source – jealousy.

        I think the Republicans are jealous that the Democrats came up with the first black president and despite all their efforts – Obama is still well liked by the majority of the people.

        Even if people are not pleased with Obama’s policy at the moment – they are still rating Obama, the person, as a likable man.

        I find that very telling.

        Now, in those same polls the Republicans are faring quite poorly – in policies and likability!

  16. You know, Lilac, I think it takes a really special kind of person to continue to support bush the lesser; we seem to have more than our fair share of those special people in Kansas.