Sarah Palin’s Debut on Fox – Hit or Miss?

Here is one person’s critique of Ms Palin’s Fox debut.   Did it help to have Bill O’Reilly be the first Fox talking head to have Ms Sarah on or should she have held out for Glenn Beck?



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29 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Debut on Fox – Hit or Miss?

  1. BadAxe

    I watched Palin and Billo last night. She seemed somehow disconnected. It was like she was on point and couldn’t be pushed off. Billo would ask her a question and her response seemed to be mostly sound bites.

    Just what Fox needed….another moron.

    • lillacluvr

      Anyone who could not learn to stop saying ‘OBiden’ during prep for the biggest debate in her life, maybe has only the minimal learning capacity of using sound bites?

      • A lot like the American voters who identify with her? The ones who are equally wise, have an equal ability to learn, and don’t even understand we need leaders who are more qualified, smarter, more capable…??

  2. No matter how many times she flubs up or how many words she makes up she has a following. That is the sad and scary part to me. That there is a segment of Americans who actually think this woman represents them and should be in high political office.

    She better do well at Fox, because no other network will have her. You don’t get paid to speak word salad on television anyplace else.

    If she decides to pursue politics she will make it more difficult for a qualified candidate to be nominated, given the winner-take-all Republican process. The Republican conundrum — the person who their pure base is willing to nominate won’t appeal to moderates and is unelectable.

  3. BadAxe

    I can explain some of the facination….have you seen the woman in a swim suit?

  4. She needs to make hay while the sun shines (I’m learnin’ to speak palin) because it’s up hill from here on those looks. 🙂

  5. Another opinion from The Votemaster

    A new poll of Republican insiders (elected officials and party leaders) shows that 62% expect Mitt Romney to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.

    What the insiders really mean is that they want Romney as the nominee cause he is pro-business and doesn’t care much for the tea partiers. Their problem is that if Palin decides to run–and that is far from certain–she has an excellent chance of winning a plurality in the Iowa caucuses with maybe 30-40% of the vote. If she can parlay that into a narrow win in New Hampshire, the media will be screaming that the nomination is all but over. The insiders’ problem is that they apparently do not realize that outside the beltway Palin is very popular and Romney is not. And remember, as late as Dec. 2007, insiders were expecting Rudy Giuliani to crush Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election.

  6. lillacluvr

    But if Republicans claim to be such righteous and holier-than-thou superior people, then they should not even be commenting on Palin looking ‘hot’.

    Paris Hilton is known for saying ‘that’s hot’. And is that really what the GOP wants to be known for – thinking somebody is qualified for president simply because ‘that’s hot’?

    Funny thing though, if Bill Clinton would have said she is hot – every Republican would have been all over him and calling him a horn dog. Does it take a horn dog to know a horn dog?

  7. lillacluvr

    I, too, expect Romney to win the nomination.

    That’s why I want Palin to get up and speak as often and as loudly as she can.

    Palin is a big thorn in the side of Romney and other GOP heavyweights and a nominal threat in the general election.

    Palin-speak is one of those things that can amuse someone (even delight some people) but at some point the saturation point will kick in and everyone will be so sick of those cutesy, down-homeisms that I think a big tide will turn away.

    Besides, I am thinking there are several mis-steps and/or scandals that are yet to be divulged. If McCain’s campaign manager Schmidt is talking publicly now – there is a concentrated effort underway to undermine Palin.

    And did you notice yesterday when confronted by Matt Lauer about Palin, McCain did NOT want to talk about her and dismissed it as being a year ago and he does not care.

    What is it with Republicans that once caught – they say they don’t care?

    I remember George W. Bush also saying that he didn’t care any more about where Bin Laden was – after vowing to capture the man dead or alive.

    Hmmm…… Are all Republicans quitters?

    • lillacluvr

      BTW – Does anyone else remember during the last few months of the campaign that John McCain said he had a plan to capture Bin Laden?

      If McCain truly believes in ‘Country First’ (as his campaign slogan certainly implied) then wouldn’t now be a good time to tell Obama or anyone else of his plan?

      Capturing Bin Laden would be a big boost in the war on terrorism – IMHO.

      Or was McCain just blowing smoke?

    • wicked

      Yeah, let little Sarah run her mouth to her (and her followers) heart’s content. Fan’s will get an even bigger chance to see the brainless twit she is. Fox will decide she’s old news, and the poor, pitiful woman will be on the streets, servicing her fellow Republicans. 😉

  8. lillacluvr

    Blowing smoke – yeah, I vote for that one too!

  9. BadAxe

    “But if Republicans claim to be such righteous and holier-than-thou superior people, then they should not even be commenting on Palin looking ‘hot’.”

    I’m not a Republican, and I think she’s “HOT”. Too bad you can’t have the hot without the stupid.

    • lillacluvr

      You must have a different temperature gauge than a few men I know.

      But, you’re right, the stupid does outweigh the hotness factor.

      • BadAxe

        “You must have a different temperature gauge than a few men I know.”

        Or maybe I’m more honest than some. There’s nothing wrong with admiring the looks of an attractive woman, even if she is dumber than a bag of hammers.

  10. lillacluvr

    My grandfather used to tell me – pretty is, as pretty does.

    But if that ‘hotness’ is what floats your boat – then go ahead and smooth sailing.

  11. I agree BadAxe. She is a beautiful woman and many appreciate looking at beauty!

  12. lillacluvr

    Personally, I don’t think Palin is any prettier than alot of other prominent Democrat and Republican women – but I don’t hear any men going ‘gaga’ over them.

    That’s what I don’t understand – the first thing I heard about Palin, when McCain picked her to be his running mate, was how hot she was.

    If that is the ONLY thing that can be said about her – then all the admiration in the world would not change the fact that to a lot of men, she is just not that hot.

  13. lillacluvr

    The complaint I hear from Republicans all the time is that women voted for Bill Clinton because he was a ladies man and a charmer.

    Of course, back then the phrase ‘that’s hot’ had not been uttered by the infamous Paris Hilton and become a trendy thing to say.

    So why is beiong hot okay for Palin and not Clinton?

  14. Clinton had a lot more going for him than just looks! Far as I can tell, Palin doesn’t.

    • lillacluvr

      And I do think that prominent women are made to feel they have to have an image of being beautiful to be taken seriously in the world of politics.

      But I don’t find Palin that attractive myself. But I guess it’s because I’ve listened to her and that has totally turned me off. So her looks mean nothing to me.

  15. BadAxe

    “I agree BadAxe. She is a beautiful woman and many appreciate looking at beauty!”

    Thanks, fnord, for not chastizing me for appreciating good looks. Of course nobody should be judged on just their appearance, especially women. I’ll take an intelligent woman over a hot one any day!

  16. Just as the truly beautiful person can look less attractive once you get to know them, so can a homely person become beautiful!

    We still all appreciate beauty. Beauty is, however, in the eyes of the beholder!

  17. BadAxe

    I hate to see Clinton even mentioned on the same post as Palin.

    Greatest president ever!