Government is BAD

Please vote for us to be your government, we’ll show you just how bad bad can be!

This cartoon reminds me of those who complain how very bad the government is, then beg to be elected so they can prove it!  Why do the Republicans both hate government and want to be government? I understand that they still think they make government smaller, but they’re not fooling anyone but themselves!  Then there are the Libertarians who have taken hating government to a new level even the Republicans couldn’t have imagined.



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3 responses to “Government is BAD

  1. Lately, the complaining Republicans have sounded even more shrill. It sounds like they recognize the good of government and see that it doesn’t happen when they have the political clout. Maybe I’m giving too much credit and they aren’t this smart, just more cranky than usual. 🙂

    Their complaints are irrelevant, just like their party is at the national level.

    Their many complaints without a hint of an idea or a solution will make it obvious who puts the BAD in government when they hit the campaign trail! They can tell voters just how angry it makes them when people do ‘stuff!’

  2. Zippy

    Perhaps in the days of Barry Goldwater the Republicans genuinely wanted to reduce government (though I gather Goldwater was endlessly goading activist military action in Vietnam–classic interventionism–and phone tapes show actually goaded Johnson into the Gulf of Tonkin deception).

    In modern times, “reduced government” means “get rid of anything that doesn’t immediately and directly profit me.” The notion of a common good–the very purpose government were established–is derided as “SOCIALISMMM!!!!

    If you apply the ‘me’ principle across the board, it almost makes sense. I don’t need national health care (they probably do, but there’s no immediate rakeoff for the teabaggers, and “socialism,” as been noted here before, has a specific scary theological meaning for some religious-right types.

    What have seen, in the aggregrate, is a philosophy of raw capitalism mandated by God, and if the multinational corporations and the super-wealthy control the government and pass laws for their own benefit, it’s because you’re too lazy and don’t deserve anything from government.

    After the past 30 years, the only thing that gets their attention, Pavlov-like, is the word “taxes.” Taxation–the mechanism of funding government–is evil. Thus, for a change, we saw conservatives protesting the bank bailouts (while at the same time pathetically trying to blame it on Jimmy Carter!).

    They have a simple childlike point of view–capitalism good, money good, government bad, which is too intellectually lazy to even notice when government really is bad. Since the 1980s, incredibly, bad goverment = balanced budget, unless it’s the current occupant during the deficit spending (to be fair, there are fiscal “hawks”–but the honest ones will acknowledge the difference between deficit spending to cut taxes and deficit spending to do something).

    The bad government we get? Try truly pathetic industry-chosen Cabinet officials we’ve seen time and time again, thus having the pathetic spectacle of industry lobbyists like James Watt heading the EPA or Gale Norton running Interior, and Bureau of Land Management looking for national park land to destroy and develop.

    Under Obama, we’ve seen the unwelcome return of Larry Summers and the disturbing choice of Tim Geithner at Treasury. His other cabinet pickets have been–surprise!–people actually picked for the job, instead of picked to destroy the job.

    So that, at least, is progress.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I said it some time ago, the Republicans are depending on the majority becoming tired of the Democrats not on the Republicans actually doing something worth voting them in.

    It shows in their actions and what they say, no one in their right mind after hearing them talk or noting their actions would vote for them. They depend on no one will remember anything said or done when it comes time to vote.