Oops…I Did It Again

Fox News Scrubs ‘Honest Injun’ From Steele Transcript

Steele Know What The Kids Like

As you may have heard, two days ago while sitting for an interview with Sean Hannity, RNC Hip-Hop Guru Michael Steele made some unwanted waves when he used the phrase “Honest Injun” to underscore his contention that the GOP doesn’t need to be more moderate.

Wordplay, apparently! Well, the phrase is a racial epithet that Native Americans find offensive, and Representative Dale Kildee (D-Mich.), who co-chairs the Congressional Native American Caucus, has demanded an apology from Steele.

Well, the good news is that Fox News is doing its part to alleviate the controversy. What, exactly, are they doing? I’m glad I posed this question on your behalf! Via Sarabeth at 1115.org, Fox is helping Steele out by altering the transcript of the segment:

HANNITY: But there’s — but there’s a battle, and you know this is going on, because you’re the chairman. I’m sure you deal with this a lot more than I do. There are those that are saying that, for the Republican Party to be successful, they’ve got to, quote, moderate — be more moderate.
STEELE: No, no!

HANNITY: You hear that.

STEELE: That’s what has gotten us into trouble, when we walked away from principle. Our platform is one of the best political documents that’s been written in the last 25 years, honest engine on that.

Exactly! Surely we should ask of our lyin’ ears if Steele didn’t actually say “honest engine.” Except: WTF is an “honest engine”? Well, as luck would have it, some Urban Dictionary user hooked on all the wrong phonics gives “honest engine” the exact same definition as “honest Injun.” Or, maybe, Steele was referring to Sacramento, California’s Honest Engine auto repair company, employing the hip-hop tradition known as the “shout out.”

Or, maybe, Michael Steele literally is a machine into which gas is poured, that produces toxic exhaust.


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10 responses to “Oops…I Did It Again

  1. lillacluvr

    Michael Steele – the gift that keeps on giving?

    If Mr. Steele is a shining example of the purity the Tea Baggers are requiring, then God help us all.

    • Sadly (and typically) I think the Republican Party picked Michael Steele to lead their party for the same reason they picked Sarah Palin for VP in 2008; to counter a black with a black, to counter a woman with the possibility of a woman.

      Sadly, I really do believe that the Republican Party leaders think that one black man is as good as another. Now who is only looking at skin color and gender??

  2. He proves himself to be the ‘token’ he’s accused of being. But then it must have been difficult for the old white men to find a minority among their ranks since most of them are smart enough not to align themselves with the Party Of No where they seem not to be welcome.

  3. Zack!

    Awesome. Let’s not act like that doesn’t take guts. Every day that passes brings more reason to love FOX even more. I didn’t ask for this for Christmas, but I’m glad that I got it.
    Brilliant. Honest Engine. Brilliant.

  4. Not to excuse those dopes, but I have seen many computer transcribed dialogue where mistakes like this were made. Do we know for sure how the dialogue transcribed? Was it done by a person or a machine? If it was by a machine, I can believe this happened innocently.

    • lillacluvr

      That is a possibility it was transcribed by a machine. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of the Fox News talking heads would even have the brain cells to think of how to cover this one up.

      But with Fox News’ reputation for being truthful in their reporting facts and their use of actual dated pictures to prove the crowd sizes – I am more apt to think that someone at Fox had the cajones to make the change and to think it would actually suffice.

    • It IS quite possible, but doesn’t anyone READ this before they publish it as RECORD?

      Are there no proofreaders? Are there no editors?

  5. “I am more apt to think that someone at Fox had the cajones to make the change and to think it would actually suffice.”

    That would be extremely dumb, even for them.