Tea Parties Are So Last Year

Tea party protesters gathered on Capitol Hill in September 2009. (Photo Credit: Getty Images/File)

Washington (CNN) – Some Tea Party activists from across the country are planning a ‘national strike’ on January 20, the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

The idea of holding an economic protest sprung up during the holidays as the result of a conference call held by various Tea Party group leaders, according to Allen Hardage, a conservative grassroots organizer from Georgia.

“Tea Party activists are frustrated that despite a huge turnout over the last year Congress is ignoring them,” says Hardage, who is national operations director for the planned strike. “The question is that if the elected officials ignore you, what do you do to exercises your right to self-governance? So we decided to hold a National Day of Strike where we go after the large donors of the people pushing this radical agenda.”

Hardage says the idea of the one-day strike is to focus attention on the businesses that support the most liberal members of Congress as well as groups that advocate “big government” policies.

But Hardage says the move will not be a boycott: “Here we are exposing the agenda of some of the most widely known companies in America and letting the consumer decide. If a corporation decides to jump into politics to the tune of millions of dollars, then they need to expect that they will alienate some of their customers.”

The strike is being promoted online through the organizers’ Web site through Web sites of various Tea Party groups and on social networking sites.

CNN reached out to a number of national Tea Party organizations. While some were aware of the planned strike and some not informed, none said they were going to actively take part in the event.



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  1. If you switched a few things in that article, I would support that idea and the people behind it 100%. That is the common ground that we share with conservative activists. They are aware that they are not represented by their government, but they continue to blindly believe that there is some “radical agenda” by the “liberals” instead of being FULLY aware of what is really going on. If they could just be awakened to the fact that they are being used, that the only radical agenda that is being forwarded is by the corporations that own our government, that this whole liberal/conservative divide is being purposely created and inflated to divide those that might otherwise work together against our real common enemy, then maybe we could get somewhere as a nation.

    We need to really figure out how to reach these people. The tough part is, the first step is to talk to them. Just the thought makes me feel tired.

    • You can talk all day and make no difference if there isn’t someone listening. These people are possessed of their ‘ideas.’ You might sometimes change the opinion of someone who is convinced of their opinion, but never of someone who is possessed.

    • Besides, they get mean so quickly. Who wants to participate in conversation with a person who is unable to be civil?

      • It is trying. It is rather like trying to convince a two year old that they have to wear shoes in the snow. (I have practice with that!) It is difficult, but it can be done–not ALL the time, but some of the time.

        This is going to be like cleaning up after a hurricane.

        As to civility, I prefer it, but don’t require it. If someone is rude or cruel in discussion, I believe that reflects poorly on them and don’t take it personally, even if that is the way it is meant to be taken.

    • BadAxe

      “The tough part is, the first step is to talk to them. Just the thought makes me feel tired.”

      I’ve been to a couple of Tea Party events. They’re very interesting and there are a lot of different kinds of people. I found it very easy to talk to them.

      We should be very supportive. The only threat from the Tea Party movement is to Republicans since that’s where they draw their main support from. Anything that devides Republicans is good for us.

    • I think all extremists are dangerous to America.

      At least one faction of those tea party folks are convinced of some “radical agenda” by the “liberals” as Paula states. Sadly, some of those are well armed and some seem to be looking for an excuse to use their arms. Please note I said some.

  2. lillacluvr

    Unfortunately, many of these tea baggers are the Evangelical Religious Right people.

    And anyone that supports a business disguised as a church – as most of these mega churches are today – then it is quite evident that these people do not care about corporations controlling everything.

    These people are blindly promised their Get Out of Hell card if they only follow the divine rule of ‘don’t ask any questions’ and do what the preacher tells you to do.

  3. lillacluvr

    I think BadAxe makes a good point. The Tea Party movement is a thorn in the side of the Republican Party more than the Democrats.

    But, as seems evident by the response to the call for this one-day strike, the Tea Party message is becoming a cup of lukewarm tea?

    • BadAxe

      The Tea Party movement may be a good thing for America. Could this be the crack in the two-party strangle-hold on politics? And if the Tea Party movement does indeed become a third party, how long before there are even more party choices?

  4. If the tea party movement was one cohesive group I could see it as being potentially good for America, but I don’t think they are in agreement on very much over and above being mad as hell. What they’re mad about differs from person to person, with some not even knowing for sure what it is that makes them mad.

  5. Maybe another place they agree is they want taxes lowered. However, they sure don’t want to give up anything that taxes pay for!

  6. lillacluvr

    Maybe the Tea Party could be a third party contender but exactly who is being the target of all their hate?

    It is Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Barney Frank.

    That sounds alot like the Fox News Network agenda of hated targets.

    So, exactly, how will the strangle-hold of the two parties be broken if the Tea Partiers are only aiming their muskets at Democrats?

    The Tea Party, in theory, sounds good but it is nothing more than the propaganda tool for Republicans posing as those beloved patriots.

    • Which faction? You see there are so many different factions of those tea partiers how can anyone say what they stand for?

      There are those who want to rewrite the Constitution to more closely resemble the Bible.

      There are those who want to control the world militarily. And, on the other hand, those who want America to isolate themselves from the world. Do these two factions cancel one another out?

      There are those who just want taxes lowered. (But don’t want to give up anything taxes fund.)

      There are those who are bigots — racial, sexual… Unless you’re an old white man you’re the enemy.

      Those who support business as their master who can do no wrong.

      And onandonandon…

      • lillacluvr

        I agree 100%

        But doesn’t it sound good – low taxes and smaller government?

        Hey – those two phrases got Reagan into office twice. Bush Jr into office twice. But, in reality, there is no such thing.

        My wish would be for the government to be an effective government – no matter it’s size.

        And that will take paying taxes.

  7. Someone tell me what does the tea party movement stand for. I know what they stand against and that list is long and diverse.

    • lillacluvr

      And it usually comes carrying a sign of Obama as Hitler or the Joker.

    • Hate isn’t attractive to me. They won’t get too many interested in their movement until they have some ideas, some solutions, something they are FOR.

      • lillacluvr

        That could be the reason for the lukewarm reaction to this one-day strike?

        Who wants to join a group that just wants to dress up in their costumes and ride a horse?

      • Do any of them stop to wonder what they will do when they get rid of President Obama, Pelosi, the Democratic majorities?

        Guess first thing would be that big tax cut which will cure the entire country of all its ills — win the wars, defeat the terrorists, bring back jobs, erase the deficit…

        All I hear about is what they oppose. The Party of No, the party with NO ideas, NO solutions, NO leader. They have opposition, they have hate! Makes ya wanna go right out and join em, huh?

  8. The one teabag event I went to was the most recent rally in the parking lot of Lawrence Dumont stadium. I was taking photos of the crowd and a guy, I am assuming was a teabag supporter, comes up to me and asks me if I worked for the FBI. He was accepting of my denial, but it was an uncomfortable moment. I was wondering, “Why do the crazy people always find me? – do I have a sign on or something?”

    • BadAxe

      Funny, I was at the same Tea Party event. I also used a camera. Nobody challenged me, some posed, and some really hammed it up. But I’m the type who can get along with anybody.

      Of course there was a lot of stupid poop, but I saw and heard some things I agree with. Signs that said, “throw all the bums out” for instance. Or “My representitave doesn’t represent me”.

      The most important thing I cam away with; a lot of people are scared, and they’re scared of their government.
      That’s the definition of Tyranny.

      • Didn’t bushco count on Americans being afraid, very afraid? Isn’t cheney still trying that same tactic? And, aren’t the tea baggers the people who support bush and cheney still??

      • lillacluvr

        And just what are they scared of?

        I have lived under Obama for the past year and my life has not changed.

        He did not come and get my gun. I still believe in the God of my choosing.

        He did not come and take my house – we even bought a new house this past November with an FHA loan – so that ‘evil’ government helped me – didn’t they?

        He did not come and kill my children or grandchildren.

        He did not grow horns and turn into the AntiChrist moments after he was sworn in.

        But what I did see this past year were people being spoon-fed hate, pushed and encouraged by the Republicans to actually hate and despise Obama.

        These people were encouraged to actually hope and pray that Obama fails.

        Now, exactly who is the tyrannist in this scenario?

        Obama or those Republicans and/or Fox News (one and the same in my book) who actually want our president to fail and will scare half the people into believing Obama is the enemy.

        Really, now, I’m just asking to set the record straight.

    • It was just an uncomfortable moment for me, because the people I know when they resort to wondering about the FBI, it is not a good sign.

  9. lillacluvr

    For all of Cheney’s ranting and bellyaching – wasn’t it the Bush Administration that released those Gitmo detainees back into Saudi Arabia so that they could go and recruit that Christmas Day bomber along with other terrorists in Yemen?

    I hear the Bush Adminstration officials (of which Bush and Cheney were the top dogs in that group) released 6 of these Gitmo prisoners and that Saudi Arabia used ‘art therapy’ to rehab these men.

    Art therapy? That sounds alot like one of those evil, liberal ideas to me – doesn’t it?

    Maybe this means that Bush and Cheney were soft on terroism. Certainly sounds that way to me.

    Or was it because those two did anything the Saudis told them to do because they wanted all that oil??

  10. BadAxe

    “Someone tell me what does the tea party movement stand for. I know what they stand against and that list is long and diverse.”

    Fnord, go to a Tea Party event and find out for yourself. One doesn’t have to identify a political identity. You might be surprised. I know I was.

  11. BadAxe

    “And just what are they scared of?”

    They’re scared of loosing their Medicare. They’re afraid of loosing the investments they’re planning to retire on. They’re afraid of being taxed into poverty. They’re afraid of loosing control of their lives.

    • lillacluvr

      Medicare is not going anywhere.

      Losing investments should be blamed on those Wall Street companies that got too greedy and ran the economy into the ground.

      Taxing into poverty? Try getting cancer and not knowing if you will still have your health insurance – then we’ll talk about poverty.

      Losing control of their lives? What control did they have before Obama? Those same greedy Wall Street corporations were outsourcing good-paying jobs and making obscene profits (while they were making good profits before killing their companies)

      So exactly what control did they have before Obama?

      As I see it, the majority of Tea Partiers are white, wealthy or upper middle class that don’t like the idea of losing their power grip.

      As I see it, Tea Partiers are Republicans who had their chance at power and blew it big time because they were just as greedy as the say Obama is. And the only time they really started to rant and bellyache is when a younger, black president finally made it to the White House.

      I’m not saying they are all racist – I’m saying that they see a person that does not look like them and he is now in charge and that change is one change they really don’t like.

      If this is not true, then why were so many incidents of racial slurs and racial jokes being passed from one Republican to another and when caught, the same reponse would be – I didn’t mean anything by it.

      Well, if no harm was intended – then why even pass the racial slur or joke around to their buddies?

  12. lillacluvr

    Badaxe – you said there were signs you agree with such as ‘throw all the bums out’

    When Tea Partiers use the term ‘bums’, just who do they mean?

    I certainly don’t hear any of them yelling for a Republican’s – unless, of course, they agreed with Obama once.

    Exactly who are ‘all bums’? In fact, alot of Republican politicians are on the very stages of these Tea Parties.

    So if ‘all’ means everyone in Congress – then why were a few of those ‘all’ permitted to be on the stage with the people that are so scared of them?

  13. If even one of the tea baggers would look at how many solutions Medicare For All would bring about instead of just being in opposition so nothing good might happen during a Democratic Administration, I might have the tiniest bit of respect for them even without them having a single idea of their own!

  14. If the tea bagger movement had anything good going for it, I would have heard about it. Even Fox News only touts the bazillion people who attended, and then lists the same kinds of thoughts you’ve listed — “They’re scared of loosing their Medicare. They’re afraid of loosing the investments they’re planning to retire on. They’re afraid of being taxed into poverty. They’re afraid of loosing control of their lives.”

    Never even ONCE have I heard a solution other than get rid of Obama and the Democrats and cut taxes. I’m not the smartest person, and my memory isn’t what it was, but I can remember when Republicans were in the majority for SIX YEARS, when taxes were cut and ya know what — NONE of our problems were solved! In fact, things got worse, there was a war of choice started which wasted precious resources, our country became more dangerous, more people hate us. Our economy went to hell in a hand basket, more jobs were lost than during any other equal time period.

    If that tea bagger movement had any redeeming qualities, I wouldn’t need to attend to find out, I would be enticed to attend by the good they’re accomplishing, by the good they espouse. They would have some ideas, they would have some solutions, they would be FOR something.

  15. lillacluvr

    As for those investments – they can always just put their money into the banks where it is FDIC insured.

    If you don’t want to risk your investments, then don’t play the stock market.

    Plain and simple.

  16. BadAxe

    People, I’m not defending the Tea Party movement and I don’t pretend to agree with their fear. I think we all know the source for that. But it does indicate a communication problem on the Democratic side. If Democrats were getting their message across, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    I’m just telling you what I saw and experienced. I’m not big on accepting what the talking heads on either side say, so I went to see for myself. I humbly suggest that you do the same. I was surprised and I’ll bet you would be too if you’d go see for yourself what’s really going on. These “Tea Baggers” aren’t monsters or evil people. They’re just people.

    • I can see that they are “just people” without ever attending one of their events. I don’t think as a group they are dangerous, although I think there is a faction among them who could be. I hope it’s a small faction. I’ve never thought they were evil or monsters. I do know how mob hysteria works and see the potential for that in this group who seem united by nothing more than opposition.

      I must be very inadequate at written communication if I gave you the idea I thought of the tea baggers as anything different than just people. I’m looking for leaders, for people who have ideas and solutions.

      If they were people who were a cohesive group, had some ideas they represented as a group, could tell me what they are FOR, I might be interested.

      It will take more than being against everything of the Democratic platform, Obama and taxes to get me interested enough in their movement to spend the effort to attend a gathering. I would have to see the potential for ideas and solutions, see some cohesion and agreement on what the movement stands for.

      You state, there is a “problem on the Democratic side. If Democrats were getting their message across, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.” Yet, from what I’ve seen the only thing the tea baggers have in common is their opposition to what the Democratic Party stands for. It is their very reason for existing. It is their reason to exaggerate and make others fearful. Ya know those mean scary democrats are gonna take away their Medicare, kill their grandmas, spend them, their children and grandchildren into the poor house, reduce military spending and cause those terrorists to be successful in killing us all…

      • lillacluvr

        I’m all for having discussion in the realm of politics but when some of these people are carrying signs of Obama as Hitler or carrying their guns with the sign stating it is time to water the Tree of Liberty.

        Now, please, that is not a person willing to discuss anything.

        I did not like it when Bush was pictured as Hitler either – so it is not just that I am offended by Obama being the subject of the poster.

  17. BadAxe

    “Bums” would be politicians, but I suspect you knew that.

    • lillacluvr

      Exactly – but then why did Tea Party people share the same stage with these ‘bums’ or politicians?

      I would give them respect if they practiced what they are preaching and start demonizing their own particular R brand of politicians.

      But I suspect they won’t be doing that any time soon. After all, Fox News would not be so willing to sponsor their events if they were to tell the truth and throw ALL the bums out regardless of D or R behind their names.

      But I suspect you know that.

  18. I think I agree with the BadAxe’s 3:37pm post, they are well meaning people who are not bad. I don’t agree with them on much of their political positions, but they are not evil people by any stretch.

    • lillacluvr

      They are entitled to their opinions but they are not helping the situation by being seen as a lunatic bunch and in some instances, racist lunatics.

      And I might start listening to them if they show they mean ‘all bums’ and not just those chosen few they ‘all’ seem to turn out to be Democrats.

      What is that old saying ‘evil happens when good people do nothing’.

      Well, these good people are only stoking the fires of hatred and calling themselves patriots.

      yeah, right.

  19. lillacluvr

    This is exactly what I was referring to earlier about

    Not all Republicans and Tea Party people are racists, but when things like this are reported on a continuing basis…..then one has to wonder what is the mindset of a party that tolerates this behavior.

    I’m willing to bet he is a Tea Party supporter and he considers himself a good person too.
    Mike Parry, Minnesota State Senate Candidate, Defends Racist Twitter Message
    digg Huffpost –
    First Posted: 01- 6-10 11:19 AM | Updated: 01- 6-10 11:57 AM

    Last week, Minnesota State Senate candidate Mike Parry scrubbed from his Twitter account messages calling President Obama a “power hungry arrogant black man” and linking Democrats to pedophiles.

    Progressive bloggers preserved the offending messages.

    Confronted by reporters, Parry owned up to the Obama post and tried to explain himself — but he didn’t admit to writing, “what’s with Dems and Pedophiles?” after the passing of the Matthew Shepard Act.

    “My opinion is that our president is arrogant and angry. The fact is that he is a black man,” Parry said. “Now if the Democratic Party and the liberals want to take my opinion and the fact and mix it together and use it to bring a bad light about me and keep them away from discussing the real issues they can do that all they want. They’re grasping for straws.”

  20. BadAxe

    “If you don’t want to risk your investments, then don’t play the stock market.”

    Many of us have 401ks through our employers. If you have a 401k or hold munis, you’re in the stock market. After seeing what happened to my 401k last year, I wouldn’t call fear of loosing one’s investments outlandish.

    Can you imagine where we’d be now if that fool Bush had succeeded in getting SS invested in the market?

    • lillacluvr

      Exactly, but I have a choice to not participate in the 401k at work.

      I would rather do my own investing, thank you.

      But, again, how is that only Obama’s fault? How is that only Barney Frank’s fault or Pelosi or Reid’s fault?

      All that Wall Street economic rampant greed was brought on the Republicans pressing for deregulation of the banks and Wall Street. Clinton signed their legislation but it was the Republican-controlled Congress that pushed it through.

      And when Wall Street started crumbling, Bush gave bailouts to Wall Street and Republicans were okay with it.

      But when Obama came in and started bailing out the American people – then all Hell breaks loose and Republicans started a revolt!

      Why? Wall Street CEO’s making multi-million dollars plus their golden parachute packages were fine to bail out but the American people were not?

      Just exactly whose government is this – the American people are the Big Businesses that have ruined the country by their rampant greed?

      BTW – I noticed where Rush’s loyalties lay – he defended each and every Wall Street CEO for their outlandish pay and bonuses. And we all know, Rush says it and his dittoheads all bob their heads in agreement.

      Yeah, those Tea Party people are real patriots. They have chosen the side they’re on and it is with Rush and his greedy Wall Street CEO’s.

      Like I have said before – when Tea Party people start living what they preach and push for ALL BUMS to be thrown out – then I’ll start to listen to them.

      Until then, they are the tool of the Republican Party – which is a big factor as to why we are in the mess we are in today.

  21. BadAxe

    “I’m willing to bet he is a Tea Party supporter and he considers himself a good person too.”

    Lillacluvr, if you’re refering to me, you lose the bet. BUT….I see a benefit to Democrats. The Tea Party movement has the capacity to cripple the GOP for years to come, and I’m all for that.

    • lillacluvr

      I was referring the Minnesota Republican and his racist twitter message.

      It’s people like him that give their group a bad name.

      As long as Republicans are seen as passing on racially charged messages and thinking there is nothing wrong with it, then it makes them to look like the fools.

  22. BadAxe

    “But I suspect they won’t be doing that any time soon. After all, Fox News would not be so willing to sponsor their events if they were to tell the truth and throw ALL the bums out regardless of D or R behind their names.

    I’ve read some interesting stuff about that lately. Accusations that the GOP, Fox, et al are trying to hyjack the movement. If I understand it correctly, the Tea Party movement and the Tea Party Express are not the same.

    • lillacluvr

      Who is Dick Armey? And which group of the Tea Party is he with?

      And if there are two separate Tea Party groups – then the non-lunatics might want to consider changing their name because the crazies are making them look like fools.

  23. lillacluvr

    And it’s pretty hard to say Fox News is hijacking a movement when it has been clearly shown that Fox News is sponsoring these events.

    If the group does not want Fox News to take over – then don’t let them set up their cameras and have their producers being seen getting the crowd all fired up before the event starts.

    News jounalists covering an event is entirely different than having your producers firing up a crowd to get them riled up and ready to shoot the first Democrat they see.

  24. lillacluvr

    I agree the Tea Party movement has the capability of crippling the GOP. But I really don’t want the other party to be crippled . If that happens, then we are really left with only one major party and that is not good for the country.

    The GOP is having their own civil war, as we speak, and it will be interesting to see what happens this year.

    As I posted yesterday about the Florida GOP chairman resigning – the purists won that fight. Now we will see if the purists continue on their quest for total power.

    And that is what they want – total power. Purists will never compromise on anything. The trouble with that is, democracy works best when there are compromises.

    One group does not have the right to totally ramrod anything down the other groups throat at any given time.

    I’m pretty sure that is why the Founding Fathers set up the checks and balances of the government the way they did. They came from England where one King did all the ruling – and they didn’t like it.

  25. At least some of the tea baggers want America to be a theocracy. Of course, they see Christianity as a superior religion so can’t or won’t understand that a government run by religion is a theocracy no matter which religion it is. They’ll condemn other theocracies while hoping America becomes one.

    How do you reason with that kind of thinking?

  26. lillacluvr

    Speaking ofsuperiority complexes of Christians, did anyone happen see Rachel Maddow last night when a member of the infamous C Street Church group was on her show?

    His name was Bob Hunter (I think it was Bob) and he was talking about the proposed Uganda Kill Gays law.

    Or course,this guy expressed his shock and dismay at thinking that the C Street was in any way mentioned as being a party to this outrageous law.

    But he said more than once, that the C Street group was working behind the scenes and out of the public eye to bring a resolution to this situation. He said that C Street members prefer doing their good works without the publicity and, of course, all good C Street members were totally against this proposed Uganda legislation.

    Funny thing though, when Sam Brownback was asked for his opinion on this very issue, Sammie acted like he did not know anything about it.

    And, come to think about it, no one else in that group has publicly denounced this. So, pray tell, how is this group working so hard to defeat this proposed law?

    Theocracy, yeah these Christians want that, but they will never be willing to be held accountable for what happens.

    Kinda like when Dr. Tiller was shot and killed. The anti-abortion Christians made sure everyone knew where Dr. Tiller lived and went to church, but ‘they’ never pulled that trigger.

    yeah, right.

  27. An interesting article on the Tea Party movement:

    The GOP’s Tea Party Challenge

    The Republican Party brand has taken a beating in recent years, so it’s not entirely surprising that among all voters the Tea Party is attracting more support than the Grand Old Party. And among unaffiliated voters, the Tea Party outpolls both major parties.

    And so we increasingly see Republicans genuflecting to the movement that has more credibility than our own party in an effort to attract attention and support among mostly conservative voters.

    It’s a very interesting dance right now watching the courtship between the movement and GOP candidates and officeholders. Former Republican House leader Dick Armey, head of Freedom Works, and Fox News bugle-blower Glenn Beck are among those helping to fan the flames of Tea Party fever. But the movement is wary of being identified as “Republican” or being controlled by any individuals or organization; note how its leaders furiously shot down RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s attempt to align himself and the national party.

    But that hasn’t stopped GOP bees from flying around the honey in the Tea. Nor has it stopped the movement from a soliciting a select few like-minded politicians.

    So far, the Tea Party list of unofficial political patriots includes:

    • Sarah Palin: the reigning queen of the disenfranchised.
    • Michele Bachmann: the reigning Tea Party princess.
    • Jim DeMint: the junior senator from South Carolina.
    • Rick Perry: The Texas governor.
    Others, like Congressmen Mike Pence (R-IN), Eric Cantor (R-VA), Joe Wilson (R-SC), and John Culberson (R-TX), are vying for a seat at the table. And you can bet many more will be clamoring for scraps in the months ahead.”

    • lillacluvr

      From this short list of unofficial political patriots, I see a common thread – right-wing fanaticism.

      And is that really what the Tea Party is about?

      If so, count me definitely out – and, IMHO, most of the country.

      I just heard Chris Matthews talking about the favorable poll ratings of the Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats have 38% favorable and the Republicans had 26? (I think).

      Anyway – the point Chris was making that the majority of the voters do not like either party right now.

      But is the Tea Party unofficial political patriots really what that majority wants to see in power?

      Somehow, I don’t think so….

  28. lillacluvr

    Seriously, I would like to see some unknown person come out of a grassroots movement that has no connection to any corporation, any former VP candidates, any white male politician from South Carolina or Texas and bring a breath of fresh air with them.

    I thought Obama was that person, but I fear he is being bogged down in the political sewer that is called Washington DC.

    Maybe the system is so corrupt that nothing will break it? Is this beast too big to fail?

  29. I just think the money needed is too great for a patriot to get noticed and elected. I’m skeptical that anyone, no matter how noble their intentions, could accomplish election without selling out to some degree.

    Plus, the presidency doesn’t have the power we attribute to it. At least not if laws are followed! Look at the Carter Administration — an honest man, probably as close to a patriot as we’ve seen in modern times — listed by most as one of the least effective presidents. He was, and is, a good man who many denigrate today. Guess politics doesn’t allow for good, only for good at the game. And Americans suffer because of this.

    • lillacluvr

      Whenever a Republican demonizes Carter, I return the favor by saying ‘at least Carter did not give weapons to our enemy Iran’.

      And then to throw in a good measure of returned hostility – I mention the fact that Reagan had 10.7 unemployment rate in 1982 (the 2nd year of his presidency) and I ask the good Republican why they do not demonize Reagan for such a lousy economy if they are demonizing Obama in his first year.

      Sometimes I just cannot help myself when it comes to making a Republican’s head twist and spin.

      • Problem I’ve seen is their heads are too full of partisanship to leave any room for brains. They can’t understand facts and figures.

  30. lillacluvr

    Oh, they understand the facts and figures – they just never take responsibility for the consequences of their side.