2010 Will Be Very Interesting…..

Jim Greer (left), the outgoing chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, said his opponents want to ‘burn the house down.’

(CNN) – Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer announced his resignation on a conference call with reporters Tuesday, accusing his conservative critics of being purists who are “shredding and tearing the fabric” of the GOP.

For months, Greer has been assailed by GOP activists accuse him of mismanaging party finances and favoring Gov. Charlie Crist in his Senate primary bid against Marco Rubio, the more conservative former House Speaker.

Greer said his opponents want to “burn the house down and destroy the Republican Party.”

“I am not a purist,” he said in describing his vision for the party. “I have never been a purist. I believe that our party stands for principles and values and that anyone who has an interest in our party should be able to participate.”

Greer, who was appointed to his post by Charlie Crist in 2007, stressed that he has worked to create a more inclusive party in Florida and urged the GOP “to stop the fight between moderates and conservatives and put the focus on electing Republicans in 2010.”

Greer avoided criticizing Rubio during his salvo.

“At the end of the day, the voters will decide what the Republican Party should look like,” he said.



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5 responses to “2010 Will Be Very Interesting…..

  1. lillacluvr

    Mr. Greer…..Sarah Palin calling on line 1…..and she is laughing…

  2. lillacluvr

    Speakingof purists, I’ve heard the tea baggers will be staging a strike on the 1st anniversay of Obama’s inauguration.

    They plan to not patronize any businesses that go along with Obama’s liberal policies.

    Hmmm….but these tea baggers were perfectly okay with Halliburton and other companies raping the American taxpayers during the Bush years. And if I am not mistaken, Halliburton is still being paid quite handsomely for their so-called services? So, does that mean Halliburton is quite happy with Obama and his liberal policies?

    Where is their outrage at Cheney and his beloved Halliburton?

    These purists are nothing but pure bunk!

    • I read something about that proposed strike recently. It seems there is a division about whether this is a good or bad idea. A division about like all the other divisions plaguing the Republican Party.

      They can’t agree on much of anything — not what they believe, what they want to accomplish, what their party platform might be, who is their leader — with ONE exception. They are all in agreement that they should oppose President Obama and the Democratic majority in everything. No regard for whether it is or isn’t good for Americans!

      The Party of NO — no ideas, no solutions, no leader(s), just opposition. That’s why it’s so obvious to me that they don’t give a damn whether America fails as long as President Obama fails too!

      • lillacluvr

        They are the poster child for the old saying ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’.

        In some cases, it is fun to watch these idiots implode….