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Do the current bills reform health care?

So far members of congress have managed to put together a plan that pleases no voter — not Democrats, not Republicans, not Independents.  The insurance cartel, along with drug companies, controls congress.  It is ironic that the right wing would oppose the current insurance plan which will give billions to the insurance cartel. However, any insurance plan passed in congress under democratic control would be upsetting to the right wing. The right wing will oppose anything that might be a victory for the democrats.

The public mandate doesn’t make sense to anyone!  Now a group of Republicans, partners with the Heritage Foundation, has decided to take it to the courts.  They’ve decided the best way to stop the bill is to sue, and are arguing that the legislation’s mandate that people get insurance or pay a penalty is unconstitutional.

In the January 4 issue of THE NEW YORKER James Surowiecki makes his case for why the health care bill is worth passing.  His is a slightly different slant on the subject and well worth considering.



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Sunday, 1/3/10, Public Square


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