Friday, 1/1/10, Public Square


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  1. Black-eyed peas with ham, fried taters with onions, cole slaw and cornbread are ready. Come on over, there’s plenty!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    The only defeat that is a final blow is when the mind concedes that you are defeated.
    The world can not be against you since it would have to recognize that you exist.
    The only thing written in stone is yesterday; tomorrow is still a blank page.

    Even death is not final as long as someone remembers.
    In that no one truly dies, they are but a thought away.

    Happiness is not a place you can move to, it is found on the winds of the moment.
    It is not a matter of money in that a millionaire can be miserable and the poorest beggar content.
    A Cadillac can break down while a old beaten up pickup can take you where ever you want to go.

    Never let the moment’s anger set the rules for the future.
    Else you will find forty years has passed and you will only remember that you stopped talking and not why you did. Few reasons are so strong that they warrant the forsaking of family or friend for a life time.
    In the moment it seems just and right, but the future is fluent and never stops in the moment.
    You feel the moment’s split and it hurts beyond reason but it is not a reason to forever have the open wound. People are as they are, never stagnate to one thing or the other.
    What is today, is not as it always will be tomorrow.

    At times I am full of anger words, ready to cut and slash at someone else.
    Sadly it is often with someone I Love for they reach where I do not let others touch.
    The wound that has caused the anger is of the moment I am alive in.

    The thought is not of tomorrow and what there will be.
    So the biting of the tongue is due, the swallowing of the anger is better to have.
    In the hope it will not become the festering boil growing inside.

    But I will admit biting of the tongue is hard to do, remaining silent when the only urge is to shout from the mountain top.

    • Eloquently said!

      Get up one more time than you’re knocked down, huh? And spend your time around people of humility, love and compassion — attitudes can be contagious!