New Food?

I watched this great video.  It was a wake-up call for me. 

It is way past time that we think about ourselves and our food! 

 Let’s take the next few steps forward and help those  who follow after us!



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8 responses to “New Food?

  1. I need to finish watching this now, iggy–you beat me to the punch!

    It was a real eye opener and I haven’t seen the whole thing. What was the biggest revelation that you had from watching this?

  2. PrairiePond

    If you like Food, Inc., and I do… You should also watch Supersize Me. Yeah, I know it’s old, but it’s a good one. Morgan Spurlock really hammers the points home.

    I think Pollen is right that when animals left the “farms” and crops and animals were raised in different locations by different industries, the ecological disasters were sealed. Monocultures are evil and disasters waiting to happen.

    We eat cardboard, and call it good. Most of us dont even know, or remember, the taste of a homegrown chicken or veggies. And that doesnt even begin to address the nutrition issues, much lest taste and safety.

    Efficiency and profit uber alles. Taste and nutrition be damned!

  3. PrairiePond

    I am always intrigued by the stories of schools and residential programs that use organic, locally grown food, and do it at less cost per meal than the USDA crap they give out for free or reduced cost.

    If it can be done one place, it can be done in all places. Well, except for the production capacity issue. Non-ag people dont always realize that the problem in any ag business is not having too much of your product, it’s having enough to satisfy demand if demand goes up.

    Counterintuitive, I know, but still true. If EVERYONE ate the way Pollen and Spurlock suggest, we’d need lots more farms and farmers. Not that this would be a bad thing…. heheheh!

  4. lillacluvr

    Perhaps the corporatism of our food chain is a part of a master plan to take over the globe but I’m thinking in the short term, it is a way for corporations to get all those government taxpayer subsidies.

    Did anyone else read the Opinion Line this past week where someone posted that Sam Brownback has received $500,000 in farm subsidies in the past 11 years?

    Sammie – a farmer? Yeah, right.

  5. The biggest take home messages for me was that a small number of very wealthy corporations control our food, they operate completely out of sight by their design, and the lives that animals have to live prior to being eaten can’t seem to help them be nutritious.

    There is a famous German criminal serving life in prison. He placed an ad to recruit someone who would let him kill them and eat them. He got 140+ respondents to his ad (Germans are weird, btw). Most people turned down his offer. One fellow took him up on it. He killed the guy and put him in his freezer. The killer had consumed about 40 lbs. of the guy (often seasoning him with garlic) before the authorities caught up with him. The case and its prosecution threw the German justice system for a loop – if the guy owned his body, couldn’t he let someone kill him the defense argued (taking libertarianism a bit far, I would say)? The killer was initially sentenced to 8 years in prison. That was re-visited and he is now serving a life term in prison. This story is from Sandel’s book on social justice. Cannabalism cases show up with alarming frequency in the work…

    “Supersize me” is good – the same guy who made it is involved with Food, Inc. I believe, at least.

  6. lillacluvr

    That is interesting iggy.

    Not to change the subject about food, but did anyone else read the article about that 23-yr-old Nigerian guy with the funky underwear and his alleged internet postings in the past few years?

    Talk about strange. What peaked my interest in this was when this kid was talking about the shame he felt when he started lusting after an unveiled woman. He was obviously a very screwed up person when it came to sex.

    But when I thought about it, don’t most Evangelical Christians have the same screwed-up hangups about sex?

    Don’t get me wrong, these Christians still go out and have sex – but they sure do seem to twist sex into something dirty and perverted every time. These people seem to be entirely too interested in their neighbor’s sex life instead of their own.

    I wonder if somewhere in the human’s existence there is some wiring that gets screwed up and that is why someone would turn to cannibalism and some other people turn to perverted sex?

    Just what makes a person that screwed up? I wonder, was that German prisoner also heavily into religion?

    After all, the whole communion thing gets me. Some preachers actually teach that the wafers and the wine are the ‘literal’ flesh and blood of Jesus. Now that would warp anyone’s mind if they actually believed that – wouldn’t it?

  7. Not due to personal experience, but I always heard that Pentecostal girls knew how to have fun without smoking or drinking. Like most stereotypes, that may not be really all that helpful.

    I am trying to find my book so I can find that German guy’s name – don’t know much more about him than that bizarre crime/court story. Not sure where the book is, but I will look. Also, I am finally going to mail the other book to you today, Lilac.

  8. Zippy

    Shut the hell up and drink your Malk®.

    P.S. Hi Max! Shall we add “someone cares what I think” to your list of pathetic delusions?