Wednesday, 12/30/09, Public Square


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  1. tosmarttobegop

    My mother goes to the senior center four days a week today for the second time this week the community bus got stuck in front of my house. Though my hatred of snow and ice causes me to deem it to be the creation of the Devil. I admit we did not get that much snow, certainly not as much as I remember from years ago.

    we have forgotten how to drive in snow and the city has forgotten how to deal with it.
    LOL my son is still disappointed that there was not more! It is hardly worth to him having a 4X4 Jeep.
    Meanwhile just getting out of my drive way is liken to climbing Mt. Everest.

    The pictures yesterday was not as bad as I expected, the boys actually behaved well enough to get some good ones in a reasonable time. My oldest play the part I use to, the fun uncle to the nieces and nephews.
    I truly miss those days, the love and joy in those young eyes that are now in their late twenties/ early thirties and harden by life. Beside they all weight too much for me to lift them onto my shoulders and give a ride to.

    Now I am that loving Grandpa who listens to their every word and understand little of what they say.
    That is what I loved about my grandpa, as a young child there seem so few adults that seem interested in what you say….. LOL it was years before I realized it was because grandpa was hard of hearing and could not hear much of what I said.

    Is it not funny? Some many warm and clear days I did not feel like going anywhere.
    Yet today I pace the floor and look out the door and windows like a trapped animal!

  2. Below is a link to a NY Times article titled “Obama Curbs Secrecy of Classified Documents” (hardly–bad, bad editor!)

    Obama declares that no information can remain classified indefinitely.
    And the crowd goes wild. Woo hoo.
    I’m sorry; this is progress?

    From the same article: “As a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama campaigned on a theme of making the government less secretive. But in office his record has been more ambiguous, drawing fire from advocates of open government by embracing Bush-era claims that certain lawsuits involving surveillance and torture must be shut down to protect state secrets.

    Steven Aftergood, the director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, expressed cautious optimism about Mr. Obama’s new order, saying it appeared to be “a major step forward” from the vantage point of those who believe the government is too secretive.”

    How can admitting that nothing can remain classified indefinitely become “a major step forward?”

    Only because the last administration was so incredibly BACKWARDS can we consider this simple, logical truth to be progress.

  3. Some time back, TC requested information about wi-fi cards, etc., that could work with Puppy Linux. At the time, I didn’t respond directly, due to other concerns.

    Recently, I became aware of which may be useful to him.

  4. lillacluvr

    Found these interesting poll results. I don’t quite know what worries me more – to think that George W. Bush even has admirers or that Glenn Beck tied with Pope?

    These are indeed scary times…..

    Clinton Tops Palin For Most Admired Woman Of 2009
    The Huffington Post | Nicholas Wing
    First Posted: 12-30-09 11:08 AM | Updated: 12-30-09 11:45 AM

    Despite former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s whirlwind year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has edged her out for 2009’s most admired woman, according to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll. Clinton got 16 percent of the vote, with Palin coming in second at 15 percent. Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama took third and fourth place respectively with 8% and 7%.

    Palin shouldn’t be disappointed with her close loss following a far from scandal-free year in the media spotlight. Since Hillary Clinton was first named the most admired woman in 1993, only first lady Laura Bush, in 2001, and Mother Teresa, in 1995 and 1996, have topped her.

    In the men’s poll, Barack Obama won overwhelmingly, taking 30% of the vote despite recent dips in his approval ratings. Former president George W. Bush finished in second place with 4%, topping Nelson Mandela’s 3% vote. Glenn Beck and Pope Bendict XVI were neck and neck, both with 2 percent.