The latest political posturing

When Richard Reid attempted to blow up an airplane using explosives in his shoe in 2001, President Bush was on vacation and did not comment for six days. The Democrats and the press hardly complained. In contrast, President Obama almost immediately took flack for the failed Christmas Day underwear bombing, particularly from Congressmen Peter King and Pete Hoekstra. Hitting back, the Democrats noted that Hoekstra invoked the attack to raise campaign money. They also blamed Republicans for holding up the nomination of the man Obama has appointed to head the TSA—and Harry Reid has now moved to break the hold on the nomination. “This hypocrisy demonstrates Republicans are playing politics with issues of national security and terrorism,” DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan said. “That they would use this incident as an opportunity to fan partisan flames.”

What we all know is that travelers will pay with ever-increasing dog and pony show hoops to jump through.  Could this also mean good things for our Wichita aircraft industry?  Will commercial airline travel become such a burden we’ll see an increase in the demand for private planes?


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  1. The “underwear bombing”–excellent description.

    Has anyone else thought about the fact that even with all this spying and intrusion on our privacy, our government STILL has no power to prevent a man from blowing up his own penis on a plane?

    Things that make you go “hmmmmmm…”

  2. I don’t fly often. My days of business travel are over and we can’t afford to travel personally as often as we’d like. We did go to Boston at Thanksgiving time and through the dog and pony show at the airport. Very little (if any) of the inconvenience travelers experience does anything to keep anyone safer! For the mindless who think it does — and they are there to loudly exclaim how happy they are to stand in this line, to disrobe, or whatever, since it does keep them safer — everyone pays a price for nothing more than fooling those idiots.

    TSA employees stand by disinterested, you put your shoes, your phone, your quart zip-lock bag, your computer, your belt… in the plastic tubs so everything is clearly visible and lift your carry-on up to the conveyor. Then you walk through the portal hoping you don’t set if off so you can hurry to recapture all of your ‘stuff’ before it causes anything to slow down. You struggle at the end of the line to reclaim everything and pad around in your bare or stocking feet with too few hands to hold everything while you attempt to get out of other travelers way while they do the same silly dance. With one hand holding your pants up, the other hand pulling your carry on bag, the quart plastic bag tucked up under your chin, computer under your arm, and juggling your phone and book and belt while walking, you make your way to an area down the concourse to redress and regroup. Meantime you see a young black man pass by with an angel-food cake cutter sticking out of his large head of hair and wonder why this charade could make anyone feel less than silly, let alone safe!

  3. The brains to wonder about a person who pays for a costly ticket with cash, has no luggage (carry on or checked) seems more likely to keep us safe than all the ways they’ve decided to humiliate all travelers.

    And maybe they cold pull that angel-food cake cutter out of that fro and wonder if it or a pair of tweezers seems more potentially dangerous.

  4. This incident has given the Republicans another opportunity to prove they are united in their opposition to everything Obama! They still have no ideas, no solutions, no leader, not even an agreement on what they stand for, but they sure know who they are in opposition to!

    • The worst part is it is all political posturing! They have no regard for what might keep Americans safe, no regard for what is best for our country. America can fail for all they care — they just want to win over the evil libaruhls. They seem not to care at all what happens, what changes, what improves, as long as they can declare victory.

      They can’t even recognize the increased danger caused by bush the lessor’s war of choice.

      • And as long as both sides buy into this crap that we are SO different, we will never be able to unite in opposition to the kabal that runs this country.

        I was talking to a co-worker about this stinker of a health care “reform” bill–she was shocked and disgusted to hear that people would be required to buy insurance under this plan. She, like I do, has a couple and their young child living under her roof who are both working and not even paying that many bills themselves, but still lack the income to pay for their own health insurance premiums. And she was absolutely appalled that the government would believe that a solution to the problem of the working poor not being able to afford healthcare would be to force them to buy insurance they can’t afford or to fine them for not doing so. It IS apalling–it is certainly no solution to the problem.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Sometimes the arguments are so pitiful is it unbelievable to think that any thought was involved.
    Making a point out of what it is called seems pretty superficial, not what is being done to fight terrorism.
    But the offense of what it is being called.

    “Obama refuses to call it “War on terrorism”!”.
    What did these people go out and buy themselves a new party hat and got all dressed up and now Obama has cancelled the party?

    who are you declaring War on?


    Who are they?


    Where are they?


    How many are there?


    How can you tell who is a terrorist?


    How do you know the difference between those who just do not like what America is doing and those who truly want to do America harm?


    So you think that most effective way to combat them is to announce that there is a



    But are there so many that it is realistic to be declaring War on and it be a meaningful thing to do?


  6. lillacluvr

    One thought keeps going through my mind about this Christmas Day terrorist. If his own father reported to the US Embassy that he was worried about his son becoming radicalized, then why was this information never SHARED with anyone else within the US Homeland Security Dept?

    Wasn’t the fact of information not being shared dealt with in the 9/11 Commission Report and they recommended that be changed?

    So, as I see it, if Bush and fellow Republicans (many of whom are the current ones doing all the finger pointing) would have followed through and implemented the recommendations from the 9/11 Commission Report – then perhaps – just perhaps – that father’s concerns would have been taken more seriously and passed around to the others in charge of our security.

    Or is that too much to ask for?

    Republicans had their chance to make us safer and all they did was to threaten Iran with a war and threaten North Korea with a war.

    Oh yeah, I feel safer – don’t you?

    • tosmarttobegop

      Less then 5% of all import goods offloaded at our seaports is checked.
      The reason for that is that 98% of all the goods at Wal-Mart are imported.
      They fought tooth and nail to prevent the slowdown of those goods by increasing the inspection of the containers.

      It does amaze me the contradictions, to stop one person from wearing explosive underwear on a plane we may end up with being strip searched. Yet any inconvenience that has a economic impact is too much!
      We can not secure the boarders because it would impede cheap as much slave labor.

      we can not inspect large containers for both terrorists and weapons because of it would slow down the cheap products found on Wal-Mart shelves.

      We are having a War on terrorism as long as it just means the deaths of soldiers and innocent people.
      But not if it means that it will take longer to re-supply shelves and it will cost more to have workers for road projects and roofing.

      It is only a war as long as it does not interfere with shopping and the bottom line!

      • lillacluvr

        Corporatism is an ‘ism’ that Republicans love but it is slowly degrading our country to the point where the country will no longer be here.

        I believe in maintaining a good balance of our economic needs and the needs of the American people.

        In the last few decades – corporations have become all powerful and raping the American system.

        These behemoth monsters take all the government subsidies the politicians can throw at them and at the same time, they are encouraged to cut their personnel to the bone and then pay the lowest wages possible (and no health care benefits offered).

        And Republicans all go wild because their stock portfolios are skyrocketing.

        Needless to say- we are cutting our own throats.

    • Isn’t that why we had to create this whole new “Department of Homeland Security” so that all of the information gathering could end up in one spot?

      What, that’s not working either?

      All the heightened “security”; all the wiretapping, bugging, listening in, watching, infiltrating, etc; and this whole new department to implement it and we still can’t stop people from trying to blow themselves up?

      Who could have predicted it? Surely not I…

  7. tosmarttobegop

    First this is what the terrorists want, more then killing people they want to instill fear and concern.
    Make us give up freedom and react to unseen dangers like a child reacts to the darkness.

    The Christmas incident was truly telling, this guy was raising more flags then on memorial day.
    Almost like he went down the check list of warning sign and did them.
    Yet he made it onto the plane not just in one country but two and one having the same precautious as here in the U.S.

    Back in Oct. of 2008 I flew to N.C. and back, with less notable precautious then the last time I went to the Sedgwick County court house. And got through quicker to get on the plane then it was to get passed the foyer of the court house.

    But then that is what the terrorists wanted, that has more impact then flying planes into buildings.

  8. lillacluvr

    BTW – If the Dutch can implement full body scans on a moment’s notice – why can’t we?

    And with Republicans all screaming and ranting about our security – will these same loyal Americans be willing to actually spend the money to implement these full body scans – or will they continue to be the Party of No?

    I find it interesting that Sen. Jim DeMint is the long Senator that has been holding up the confirmation of the TSA Administrator (due to his not wanting unions) – but DeMint has the audacity to question Obama’s sincerity in fighting terrorism?

    Each and every time any Republican even mentions the lack of security from Obama and it should be shoved back in their faces that THEY had the chance to fix things and never did.

    How many billions has been wasted on Homeland Security since Bush pushed that big government program through and a 23-yr old boy with funky underwear gets through?

    Pitiful – just pitiful.

    • lillacluvr

      long = lone

    • DeMint–now THERE is a rational guy!

      He would rather put the nation at risk of another terrorist attack than open up the possibility of a UNION that would protect workers from slimy employment tactics. Why is Jim DeMint worried about a union–if employees are treated right, they won’t need to unionize. (Same logic- if you’re not guilty, you don’t have to worry about the intrusive searches)

      Has anyone done any studies about the long-term health affects of submitting yourself to constant scans and x-rays? Sounds like a possible lawsuit…

      • lillacluvr

        Jim DeMint needs to have his own Waterloo moment. And if he belongs to that C Street Family – then I’m thinking there is more to this cat than what is currently known.

        As for the long-term effects of constant scans and x-rays – there was something in the news just in the past few weeks about how the CT scans have too much radiation in them and is causing more harm than good.

        Just seems like common sense to me – too many scans and x-rays cannot be ‘good’ for you.

    • lilac, a point that should be made, imho. The immediate security flaw you reference was not one with DHS here in the U.S. Rather, the problem was one with security at the Amsterdam airport, as that was the point of departure for the flight to Detroit.

      As to what has developed in the media accounts, etc., that flaw (not sharing information, etc.) may be laid at the feet of various agencies. I’d like to blame DHS for it, too, but strongly feel that blame might well be apportioned among the CIA, Department of State, NSA, and FBI, together with DHS.

      • lillacluvr

        But when this kid’s father came to the US embassy to tell them of his concerns, that was then the fault of ALL the US agencies involved – imho.

        What good is it to spend billions of dollars on another bloated government program if a 23-yr-old kid can get through – even though he was on a list of 550,000 rather than the shorter no-fly list.

        And, I know the original point of entry was at fault, but perhaps the US needs to have better communiation with the countries we deal with in airplane boarding?

        Perhaps the airline companies need to step in and say they will no longer be coming to countries that will not thoroughly screen the passengers bound for the US.

        I know that will never happen because it will cut into their profits – and God forbid if they don’t get every last penny for their CEO’s salary and golden parachute packages.

      • lilac, your final paragraph summarizes the problem with enhanced security (the real kind, not the current joke kind at U.S. airports). Even with what is termed ‘security’ now, there are grumbles, etc., that too many are inconvenienced and it slows things down.

        If I am correct, when one flies El Al from or to Israel, the passengers are to be at the airport not less than five hours prior to the departure time of the flight. This is to allow for a thorough screening (physically and by interview) of each passenger and luggage. Don’t want to do it? Then find an alternative. This is real security, IMHO, or as close as it can get to the real thing. Don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon with U.S.carriers.

  9. lillacluvr

    I agree that terrorists want us to be scared and just the fact that Obama did not over-react and come out swinging and saying ‘bring it on’ made me feel that the man is sitting back, assessing the entire picture and then decide on what to do next.

    If Obama had gone on television and demanded the head of Al Queda (like some drunkey cowboy), that is exactly what the terrorists want.

    As it was, when AlQueda did claim responsibility and said it was in retaliation to the US strikes – then the fact came out that this 23-yr-old kid bought his plane ticket the day BEFORE those attacks – so AlQueda came out of this scenario looking to be the fools.

    And perhaps, that is what Obama wanted the terrorists to do – show their hand first.

    Obama is not a stupid man when it comes to how to handle people – unless he is bending over backwards to accommodate Republicans and Hell will freeze before those morons concede anything.

  10. lillacluvr

    While we are pushing consumerism and profits at all costs, some of us are singing those good ole’ Christian songs like ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and then talk about how we need to just kill every Muslim on earth.

    The Muslims are not our worst enemy – our own greed, insatiable appetite for instant gratification and our own arrogance will be our downfall.

    But, never fail, those Evangelical Christians have it all under control – the Rapture is coming, the Rapture is coming.

    I just wish the Rapture would come and those fakey Christians will be the ones left behind.

    • tosmarttobegop

      It is a glaring point to me that always seems missed by all those who hate each other based on religion.
      Jews, Moslems and Christians all have one thing in common, each worship the same God that Abraham did.

      Each and every one of them have that common lineage so the end result is that God and Allah is one and the same. It amounts to if my sons were going to war against each other in defense of me!

      • lillacluvr

        Just for fun, I like to see an Evangelical Christian’s reaction when I ask them what will they do if when they get to Heaven and God turns out to be not only black, but a woman?

        Most of these people fail to see the humor in that scenario.

    • There was so much irony during the Bush administration, I never knew whether to laugh or to cry. I love to listen to the Evangelical Christians who are declaring a “jihad” on the Muslims–they don’t see the irony at all. They don’t see that they sound EXACTLY like the radical muslims that they keep telling us are so dangerous.

      And I will never forget that we were all told that the terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom. A monument to irony was that statement. The hate us because everything that we do makes it harder for them to be free and that is one reason that they turn radical. Our government’s policies are making veritable slaves out of some of the peoples of the world. Now why would they hate us for that?

      • lillacluvr

        Oh, but the Christian God is the real God – or did you two not get that memo?


        I agree with you both and when I have pointed out to several of these Evangelical Christians wanting to fight the holy war – there are not enough bullets to kill each and every Muslim but the Muslims countries still thrive on the US’s insatiable appetite for their oil.

        If we just got off the dependence of foreign oil – then we could tell these Muslim countries to take a hike. After all, the only two things these Muslim countries have is sand and oil – and nobody wants their sand.

  11. “Could this also mean good things for our Wichita aircraft industry? Will commercial airline travel become such a burden we’ll see an increase in the demand for private planes?”

    No. Next question.

    • tosmarttobegop

      More then likely it will mean that just to get on a small airport you will have to show your birth certificate and a written proof of ownership of an aircraft on the field.

    • This Molly McMillen piece expresses opinions that differ from 6176’s. As for me, I think I will have no choice, but to tolerate increased inconvenience.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        I would expectit to disagree. 🙂

        Two things that underlie my opinion:

        First, the slowdown that occurred several years ago was artificially “cured” by amendments to the IRC to allow faster depreciation of business aircraft. I don’t see that happening again.

        Second, as fuel costs increase,as they inevitably will due to upward pricing of petroleum products, the costs of operation will increase to the point that there will be a great deal of review by owners, i.e. businesses, as to the economics of owning such aircraft. There was, according to a colleague who does fractional share agreements, an upturn in his work before the economy went down last year, as more folks determined it made more sense for them to cooperatively own one airplane rather than each owning his/her/its separate one, as had been the norm for many. A major factor was the increased costs of operation due to these higher fuel costs, resulting in aircraft sitting idle rather than being operated. This has, not surprisingly, created a glut of slightly used equipment for sale at bargain prices. This has also contributed to decreased demand for new aircraft.

        I also note the cautionary statement at the end of the linked piece. A bit unusual, imo, to phrase it that way if an upswing in sales was anticipated.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    BUt.. But … Lill we have the bomb!

    • lillacluvr

      Yeah, they all just love those bombs – don’t they?

      Then they rant against killing innocent babies here in the US but yet these so-called Christians seem to have no problem with killing thousands of innocent Muslim babies.

      Jesus had it right when he said ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    So say the Evangelical Christians!

  14. David B

    This type of information non-sharing was discussed in the 9/11 Commission Report.

    • lillacluvr

      Exactly what I thought. But the Bush Administration would not even acknowledge the 9/11 Commission Report, let alone implement its recommendations.

      And then Cheney thinks Obama makes us less safe? Yeah, right.

  15. Hey did this guy steal my cartoon idea…grr. I hate when that happens.

  16. David B

    Sorry to report Rush Limbaugh has been rushed to a hospital. I’d see no need to rush.

  17. David B

    Twitter is abuzz:

    UPDATE: Hell adding extra security in preparation for Limbaugh arrival.

  18. David B


    Rush Limbaugh is hospitalized. I’ll worry about his health once the GOP starts worrying about mine.

  19. David B

    Rush Limbaugh had a heart attack in Hawaii? I guess he finally found Obama’s birth certificate.
    less than 20 seconds ago from web


  20. Thunderchild

    I hope he dies.

    Yeah that is not nice. But neither is he.

    • I stopped being nice for the sake of it a long time ago. Nobody deserves ill wishes like Rush Limbaugh does. I also hope that he dies. And I hope that the Catholics are right about all that limbo stuff. He could be there for a long time. I might even meet him there.

      Can you continue to sin while in Limbo? Hmmmm….

  21. PrairiePond

    “ask them what will they do if when they get to Heaven and God turns out to be not only black, but a woman?”

    Heh. They’ll really poop their panties when they find out she’s also a lesbian, single mother in a wheelchair….

  22. PrairiePond

    And tiahrt’s amendment further inhibits law enforcement from sharing information from one local to another.

    But yet, he’ll fight the war on terra with all his might. Just dont share info about weapons.

    Big eye roll….

  23. PrairiePond

    Hee HEEEE lilac, of course you can use that line. I think I “borrowed” it from somewhere, but I cant remember where!

    Gotta love the internet!