“The Big Zero” Decade…

Paula’s heart-throb opines in this NYTimes Editorial that the 10 year period from 1999 to 2009 should be labeled the “Big Zero” – as in zero net gain in any economic sense.  Job Growth = zero; housing value gains = zero; economic gains for the typical family = zero; read the article there are more zeros to behold.

Krugman is distressed by our nation’s inability to learn from its recent mistakes.  He pointedly  chides Republicans, whose policies of tax cuts and deregulation  fostered in this economic mess, now are loudly recommending tax cuts and deregulation. 

Paul stops short of saying it, but let me help him, Libertarian stupidity is beyond help – let’s drown them all in Grover Norquist’s bathtub – he probably wouldn’t even notice…

I really don’t want to drown anyone, but I thought the allegory was too good to pass up.

Iggy Donnelly


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  1. lillacluvr

    LOL – The Big Zero just about sums ups the Bush Administration – doesn’t it?

    • lillacluvr

      Let’s not forget – no ‘real’ Republican ever voted for those two.

      Now that was a belly laugh when the CONS came up with that bit of knowledge.

      I wonder – do locksteppers even know who they are lockstepping with or do they just like those cute little uniforms with the high-kicking boots?

    • Yes, Lilac, no ‘real’ Republican voted for the bush/cheney ticket (and certainly never approved!), but the Supreme Court didn’t hand the presidency to him on a silver platter because he actually received more votes. Contradictory? yes, just like most stances they take. Don’t expect them to ever recognize this simple fact tho.

      btw, did anyone ever decide what a ‘real’ Republican is? Or who holds these ‘qualities’ they’ve finally agreed fit that ‘real’ Republican?

  2. lillacluvr

    Hey, GWB had his little brother as governor in the state where his presidency depended on getting the most votes and then that Republican Katherine Harris (?) chickadee was the one that sanctioned the Florida vote recount.

    Why do we doubt such irrefutable evidence?


    • lillacluvr

      I also remember Barbara Bush when they showed Daddy and Momma Bush on television during election night coverage. When some network called the election for Gore – Barbara Bush had a mean looking face and said ‘wait a minute, what about Florida?’

      Huh? Do you think Momma and Daddy had something to do with little Junior getting into the Big Boy’s seat at the White House?

  3. lillacluvr

    A ‘real’ Republican is anyone who looks like them, talks like them, bows to the same Golden God as them, and lives behind those gated-communities – you know, to keep out those people that are ‘not one of us’

    And above all else – does not think paying taxes pertains to them!!!!!

    This does not mean that these people do not take government welfare in the form of subsidies for their various non-profits and corporations – they just don’t feel like THEY should have to pay any taxes.

    Wasn’t it Leona Helmsley that said ‘only peasants pay taxes’?

  4. The December 28 issue of Newsweek is titled, “HOW THEY SEE IT — PEOPLE WHO MATTER ON WHAT MATTERS MOST.”

    To introduce the discussions in the magazine Jon Meacham says, “..but before we move forward we should pause for a moment to look back. The immediate past is particularly instructive, I think, for 2009 offers an object lesson in the management of expectations. Things are neither as bad as many feared, not as good as many hoped, since that cold, clear noontime when Barack Obama became president.

    “Given the still-unfruitful search for innovation to drive the economy and the dispiritingly high unemployment rate, our domestic politics are in an unhappy place at year’s end. The threats abroad, from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Iraq and Iran, remain maddeningly complex. This has been the most momentous first year for a presidency since 1981, and one could make a strong case for 1933. In both instances Americans were fortunate in our leaders, men who, in their time, inspired great love and great hate. We do not yet know whether Obama will one day join their ranks, but it seems inarguable that, whatever our politics, we should hope so.

    The emphasis on those last words in the part of the article I posted here are mine. I emphasized them because I consider them terribly important. I understood the divisiveness of both the Clinton and the Bush presidencies — one man made his personal lack of morals very obvious and the other man made his total lack of regard for the average person and the laws of our country too obvious. There were recognizable reasons for the disdain people held both men in.

    With President Obama that simply isn’t true. He came into great challenges and he kept our economy from total failure which would probably have caused a domino affect on the world’s economy, he repaired the sullied image of America with other world leaders, he brought pragmatism and critical thinking to the office of POTUS. Few could have kept us on a level keel and he did.

    During that time the only thing that has unified Republicans and Libertarians is their opposition to President Obama. Without reason, without justification — for no better reasons than they lost and they want America to fail so they might have a chance to win. Makes me sick to my stomach that there is that kind of stupidity in our world, that kind of selfishness in people. Anything to win makes for a very hollow victory. It matters not to them that America will be the loser, the win is all they want.

    Will President Obama succeed? Whatever our politics, we should hope so!

    • Part of the reason that I quit reading Time and Newsweek is because they are part of the dumbing down of this country. “People who matter” by whose standards? Henry Kissinger…matters why? Nancy Pelosi on bipartisanship? Seriously?! David Petraeus…why??

      When the people in power make bad decisions that cause major problems, and you are looking for answers to solve those problems, why the HELL would you listen to anything THOSE people had to say? But that is just what we do. Why would anyone care what anyone from the Bush administration had to say on ANY issue? They made such a gigantic mess of everything, why would we ask them how they would solve it? Bill Clinton signed the bill that rescinded the Glass Steagall Act. Why would I care what he thought about any economic issue when he made a mistake like that?

      We need to change the people that matter. We don’t need to consult people with experience when their experience is mistake, mistake, mistake. We need new blood.

      People that matter. To whom? Their mommas maybe…

  5. JAMMER5’S POLYRANT has a “2009 Recap” that will tickle your funny bone (while remaining factual) 🙂 Here’s how it begins:

    “Some black dude was nominated for President. Some white dude, also nominated for president, selected some white chick from a state with less people than the city the black dude was from to be his VP running mate. The black dude won. The white chick quit her day job, and had some other white chick write a book for her, which became the number one best seller after some white dude, who owns a phony news station, bought a whole bunch of the books and sold em for way under the list price, making it the cheapest number one book in history. The white chick, who had the other white white chick write the book, then went on a book signing tour in a bus, which she didn’t ride in sometimes, but took a plane instead. The white chick, who quit her day job, then told all the other news people she wouldn’t talk to them because they made fun of her. A bunch of other white people said, “We love you, white chick!”