Monday, 12/28/09, Public Square


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  1. Good morning, Prairie Pops,
    Doing any gift exchanges, shopping today? That will be part of my agenda, unfortunately. It sure seems really cold out there, still…

  2. I have an exchange to make at a quiet little golf shop. I don’t think there is enough money in the world to lure me into real shopping for awhile! I’m not a shopper and have done more than my fair share of it recently.

    Chad flys out this afternoon and life will probably move back to more normal. I’ll drag my feet! I really want to stay living in Christmas World! At least here among the kindness of our bloggers peace on earth and goodwill toward men exists.

  3. lillacluvr

    Christmas is always a busy time and it seems like we rush around trying to do ten things at once. But, you know what? I’ve learned through the years that somehow all of it gets done and we always have a nice Christmas.

    We cut back on buying presents this year because my husband and I bought a house in November and our daughter is getting married in May (that will be here before we know it).

    But, as our kids reminded us, we always give to each other during the year – so Christmas is really just about getting together as a family and not really receiving the presents.

    As long as I have my family around me and good friends, then I consider myself blessed.

  4. An update following the 746f6c6c65 “Family Brawl” yesterday (12/27):

    1) Took a brisket, carefully prepared IAW my late wife’s directions/marinade recipe, weight before cooking 8 lbs 7 oz., brought about 4 oz. home as only leftovers. There was much turkey left over, and some of my mother’s famous ham loaf (a first in the history of the annual get-together). Thus, success is declared.

    2) The granddaughter was, as anticipated, the star of the proceedings. During the four hours plus in the “down under room” (community gathering place available to all residents upon reservation), other than the 45 minutes she was sleeping after eating, I didn’t see her other than she being carried by a niece, my aunt, several cousins (one at a time) , a few uncles, etc., and the fiance’ of a nephew until we left for some one on one time with my mother, who is starting to display the ravages of age and a couple of chronic conditions. Good times were had by all.

    3) Hopefully, fnord had good opportunity to spend both quality time and a large quantity of time with her son from Boston, and that all others had similar opportunities with family over the recent days.