Sunday, 12/27/09, Public Square


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  1. Monkeyhawk

    Snowbound and warm.

    A “Law & Order” marathon.

    I may watch the Chiefs game at noon, then switch over to professional football.

    • lillacluvr


      I am from Chicago, so I am used to watching my beloved Bears blow it each and every year.

      Sometimes my family has a bet as to which one will do the most damage in the game – it is never a matter of ‘if’ – it is always ‘when’

  2. tosmarttobegop

    “I may watch the Chiefs game at noon, then switch over to professional football“.

    Thanks for the chuckle man! How true how true!

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh watching ABC this morning it amazed me how stupid and in-attentive they must think people are.

    Gibbs when asked a simple question answered with “just read the articles in the news paper! He is close to President Obama and the question was about what they were doing.
    The answer would have been directly doing with that not what was in the papers.

    Then McConnell was on and when confronted by a statement he had made about how the Republicans had not quit fighting health reform.
    Asked what they were going to do to keep fighting?
    He got the deer in the headlights look then when on a diatribe about how much the Democrats were taking out of Medicare and raising taxes!
    OK and was that an answer as to how the Republicans were going to keep fighting health reform?

    Man the corn cob when up through his seat when the counter was how many time during the Bush years that McConnell had himself wanted to cut funding for Medicare!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    As it often happens, something reminded me of a joke.
    The other night I watched part of a Sherlock Holmes movie and here is the joke.

    Holmes and Watson were camping and in the middle of the night Holmes woke up and then awoke Watson.

    H: Dr. Watson look above you, what do you see?
    W: Well Holmes I see millions and millions of stars.
    H: And what does that tell you?
    W. Well Holmes on a cosmic level it tells me that such grand and complicated cosmos;
    That surly there must be a intelligent supreme being would have created it.

    W. On a Astrology level it tells me that the sign of Cancer and the sign of Libra is in alignment. Which means those born under those sign will have good luck!

    W. On a Astrological level, that with so many planets and vast expansive space,
    we surly are not the only intelligent life-forms within the Cosmos!

    W. What does it tell you Holmes?


  5. tosmarttobegop

    Another one:

    The strictly religious mother’s son had moved to NYC to attend college.
    Mom having a chance to visit came to dinner at son’s apartment.

    Her son and a young woman met her.
    He introduced the woman as his new girl friend.
    And that they were sharing the apartment.

    Mother eventually had to ask if they were sleeping together?
    Her son assured her that the girl friend had her own bedroom and actually took and showed the girl’s bedroom to his mother.

    The following day they were cleaning up and the girl friend doing the dishes could not find the soup ladle? Finally she asked the son if he knew what happen to the ladle?
    He did not know and they searched the dining room but could not find the soup ladle.

    Finally the son called his mother and asked if she had seen it?

    After a moment’s pause the mother replied, “If your girl friend was truly sleeping in her own bed….. You would know where the ladle is!”

  6. tosmarttobegop

    After today’s event on the same flight that on Christmas day attempted terrorists attack occurred.

    And after a passenger refused to come out of the laboratory on the plane and then abused the flight crew in a rude and abusive matter.

    The director of Homeland security has modified the definition of a terrorist act to include acting like a Jerk on a flight. Starting Monday December 28th all Rock stars, Movie stars, rich businessmen and U.S. Senators and Congressmen will be placed on the
    “No fly list”.

  7. I spent this fine weekend in the county north of us. I think they got less snow and it looks to me that the snow here has not changed since I left here at 0600 Saturday.

    That is sad.