Saturday, 12/26/09, Public Square

Hope Santa brought everyone a spirit of peace and goodwill toward man and it lasts all year long.

Stay warm!


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4 responses to “Saturday, 12/26/09, Public Square

  1. I hope all had a very merry Christmas day, and are enjoying the remainder of the holiday weekend.

    The elder and her hubby, together with the cutest, most precocious and otherwise best grandchild anyone could ask for, made it in from St. Paul MN Thursday night. They left Tuesday afternoon to “beat the weather”; only made it to Webster City, IA that evening due to the weather; and got in to Wichita about 1800 hrs. local Thursday.

    Grandpa has been busy fulfilling his main job, namely spoiling the granddaughter, very successfully so far. The younger had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (the latter the busiest in corporate history), and went to work at noon today. I snuck in to the office to check the mail (shouldn’t have bothered), and am preparing to get home to ready the brisket for tomorrow’s “Family Brawl”. I anticipate that the granddaughter will be the star, given her status as the star the two times we’ve been out to eat. Younger one doesn’t have to go to work until 1700 hrs. tomorrow, allowing her to attend.

    Benefit to the elder being present has been her cooking a bit. So far, my culinary duties have been making Christmas breakfast for all (with great success, BTW). I also introduced the most precious six and one-half month old in the entire world to the beauties of unsweetened applesauce, which has been going well. Did I mention she was precocious? 🙂

    Best to all.

  2. I loved all these words, 6176! I thought you were a proud Daddy, and now I see you’ve bested yourself when it comes to the granddaughter. 🙂

    Tell us more! I admire the man who is bursting with pride over the family!

  3. Speaking of ‘proud of family,’ here is a nice article. Nice picture of him too, except he has such a nice smile he shouldn’t have looked so serious.

  4. lillacluvr

    6176 – There is nothing like a grand-daughter – is there? I absolutely adore mine~!!!

    fnord – your son Chad looks quite successful – and that is a great reflection on his mother.

    I absolutely love it when people are proud of their kids.!!!

    I wish our society valued families more than we seem to do. We’re all so busy trying to keep up with the news about Tiger Woods or the next big scandal from some other celebrity – that we are missing out on the greatest present of all – our kids and families.