Tiny Tim’s Rescue by Healthcare Reform?

Paul Krugman is accepting of the compromise that is the current Healthcare Reform legislation.  He identifies three groups of critcs: 1) teabaggers, 2) conservative fiscal scolds, and 3) progressives who wanted a single payer system.  Krugman takes the position that the perfect should not be the enemy of the good.  He evokes the Dickens’s story “A Christmas Carol” to make his point.

I am hoping that ole Paul is correct.  We will see.  What say you out there?


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5 responses to “Tiny Tim’s Rescue by Healthcare Reform?

  1. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says the bill will save money. If true, why are we waiting until 2014 to enact it? Answer: It was a republican ploy to delay the benefits of legislation until after the 2012 elections. Let’s have it start in 2010 – that is a doable change, I think.

    • One piece I read said the parts that we know will be positive actions and those most people will notice — government subsidies, can’t be turned down due to pre-existing conditions, can’t have your coverage canceled when you need it most… will be effective more quickly.

      This gives time for fine tuning and improving, maybe even expanding the good that is needed.

      And, when the parts that aren’t fixed become quite evident to even more people, which will be the party that were the obstructionists? Yeah, the Democratic Party can show they tried and…

  2. Well… Let us get started sooner, rather than later…

    Get off your butts, Dems, it is time to make our moments count…

  3. Or, as okaobserver says, “get off your butts, Dims….”

    Can’t stand that woman [sic]… butt, she may have a point [on her head, at least…]

  4. Okay, I still have a crush on Paul Krugman. He is probably much smarter than I am. But I will still disagree with him because the “perfect as enemy of good” does not apply here. I was not looking for perfect; I was looking for good. In this case we have good as enemy to sewage. This bill does not go near far enough to fix the problems that we have and will cause even more problems for people who cannot afford insurance. Their subsidies don’t go far enough, as the figures that I posted here the other day would indicate to just about anyone that is paying their own way in the world. My employer-sponsored health care costs me $800 per month. If I was only making $27,000 a year (150% of poverty level for a family of three), there is NO WAY that I would be able to pay my premiums. I would not be able to pay ANY premium. So, does that mean that the government is going to COMPLETELY subsidize the premiums of those people? And what about the premiums for a family of three that only makes $30-$55? That is still not very much money for a family of three to live on in this economy when a gallon of milk costs over $3 and a loaf of bread is almost $2. How will they afford their premiums?
    Sorry, Paul, this is not a “good” bill, especially when you consider what it COULD have been had it not been written by big insurance, big pharma, hospitals and doctors. It SHOULD be something that will bring relief to the people. We have subsidized big business, the banking industry and god-only-knows who else. When does the taxpayer get RELIEF???????
    Not nearly good enough–more like sewage. And sewage should never be acceptable.