The Most Influential Person of the Decade???

The Washington Post has offered up this group of names for nomination of the most influential person of the decade.  Who among these nominees had the greatest influence on shaping the decade? – is the criteria… The WashPo  will announce their results today.  The Choices:

George W. Bush, Timothy Giethner, Lance Armstrong, Paris Hilton, Dick Cheney, Ben Bernanke, L. Page & S. Brin, Hillary Clinton, Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Hu Jintao, Jon Stewart, Mark Zuckerman, or Al Gore.

Prairie Pops, who wins your vote and why?  Is anyone else embarrassed to confess they don’t recognize all of the names on the list?  Do you have someone else to nominate – tell us who and why?


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19 responses to “The Most Influential Person of the Decade???

  1. “…the most influential person of the decade.”

    “Who among these nominees had the greatest influence on shaping the decade? – is the criteria…”

    Doesn’t say anything about whether the influence was a positive one, so I would vote cheney. It appeared he made most of the disastrous decisions for bush, and no one can deny the damage bushco ‘achieved’ during the last decade — it would be difficult to imagine it could ever be surpassed! The war of choice in Iraq, the world financial meltdown, the trashing of civil behavior and lack of respect for the U.S. Constitution I ‘credit’ to cheney.

    There was a collection of truly unsavory people who were given great influence in the bushco administration. rove and cheney together are an evil combination. bush the lesser wasn’t smart enough to overcome the devious people he assembled.

    Yes, I’ll admit I don’t know who L. Page & S. Brin or Mark Zuckerman are. The others I recognized, although wondered why some were on this list.

  2. Who is/was L. Page & S. Brin? Time to go to the google I guess.

  3. Fnord,
    The memory limitation may be the chief reason why you own a computer…

  4. I think the ‘collective bushco’ perfected what Reagan began — government by the lobbyists and in the best interests of the major corporations rather than the citizens.

  5. I heard this psychiatrist speak a few years back and he said the reason we pay Hollywood folk and professional atheletes so much money is that they can make us “feel”. Given that criteria, I am not surprised the J.K. Rowlings is on the list.

    • Hubby Griffin has read all her books, I haven’t read any of them.

      I too wasn’t surprised to see her on the list. She enticed many to read books, she was controversial with some due to her subject matter (those idiots who think the Bible is the only book that needs to be read!), and I think she did influence a generation.

      • “…she did influence a generation.”

        No doubt about that.

        I am very surprised you haven’t read them and to a lesser extent that Griffen has. Your reading assignment for this holiday season is… Skip the last two books they were pretty disappointing. She generated all this anticipation for the story ending that was not supported by the products. Sad to say…

  6. Here’s an article worth the read and pertains to this last decade.

    Investors Hope the ’10s Beat the ’00s

    The U.S. stock market is wrapping up what is likely to be its worst decade ever.

    In nearly 200 years of recorded stock-market history, no calendar decade has seen such a dismal performance as the 2000s.

    Investors would have been better off investing in pretty much anything else, from bonds to gold or even just stuffing money under a mattress. Since the end of 1999, stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange have lost an average of 0.5% a year thanks to the twin bear markets this decade.”

  7. I would agree that Cheney had a large influence over his boy-president George W., but that tended to fade over the second term for sure. Condi Rice had a larger influence, and in the end, George W. was able to defy his parent, Dick Cheney, and refused to pardon Scooter Libby.

    Given that GW had the ability to defy Cheney, my nominee for the most influential person of the decade will be GW Bush. His impact was entirely negative and it may be some time before our country recovers from it, regardless of the actions of presidents who follow.

  8. After my post, read at the WashPo discussion that G.W. Bush won there, too.

  9. Bad Biker

    My nominee for most influential person of the decade is – Barry Bonds.

    Bear with me a moment…………………………

    In 1998, McWire and Sosa made a two-headed assault on Roger Maris’ record of 61 homeruns in a season, set in 1961. Sosa’s efforts were a bit suspect, since he had never been known as a homerun hitter, but it was expected of McWire, since he had hit 59 the previous season and 49 as a rookie. McWire eventually prevailed, 70 – 66 over Sosa.

    We all suspected the steroids may have played a part, but we WANTED to believe.

    Enter Barry Bonds three years later. Bonds had always been a great ballplayer, but suddenly he gained about forty pounds of pure muscle and began to drive the ball out of the park at a frightening rate, eventually hitting 73 homeruns to break McWire’s record and even passing Hank Aaron as the all time career homerun champ.

    Unlike McWire and Sosa, whom we suspected, we KNEW Bonds was juiced. There was no question. He had never hit as many as forty homeruns in a year, and now he was banging them out unlike any other player in history.

    We knew he was a chemical freak, but we had to endure the endless denials and reports that he had just taken up weight lifting as a full time occupation.

    We became cynical as a society, fed lies and a media-driven alternate universe. We knew we were being lied to, but many didn’t care or just bought into the lies.

    Fast forward to today: We know we are being lied to by politicians, pundits and the news media, but many of us (as a society) don’t care or buy the lies.

    Being caught in a lie used to be shameful – today, people in the news just go on as if nothing ever happened, or worse yet, they continue with the same set of lies.

    Truth has become whatever you want it to be.

    And if you don’t believe that, you’re just being stupid or cynical.

    So sayest our “modern” society.

  10. A trivia point regarding the Barry Bonds juicing: The guy who juiced him used to be an athelete at Fort Hays State University (the alma mater of Prairie Pond). He used exotic blends of things (including insulin) to accomplish the results he did with Barry.

    A question, won’t Bonds’ records be given an asterisk because of the near doping certainty?

    • Bad Biker

      The reason I mention Bonds as a “most influential” is that it seems that the whole “it is the truth because I say it is” trend started with him.

      Some liars, Bill Clinton, etc., never fully pulled that off, but Bonds mastered the “deny until I die” routine.

      Now, everyone from Palin to Beck to Boehner to McConnell to Rush O’Hannity play the game to perfection.

  11. Changing the subject again, I found this pretty critical indictment against Obama on the HuffPo disturbing, but probably accurate to some degree.

  12. ladyguru

    In doing my research for my Most Influential Women of the Decade list, I came across the same Washington Post list and also didn’t know who some of those people were. I find that the most influential people are those the public can relate to because, lo and behold, they are the ones that actually are around and in the public eye to be able to influence in the first place! The ones behind the desks and in the offices are certainly powerful, but I’m not sure they are influential.