One Palin Comment Stands Out…

As Bad Biker pointed out recently, Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” distortion was cited by as the biggest political lie of the season.  I bet her parents are proud…

What say you folk?


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12 responses to “One Palin Comment Stands Out…

  1. This picture of Sarah on the cover of “VOGUE” shows a beautiful young woman. For me, all it takes to make her ugly is for her to open her mouth. She is full of hate, intolerance and bigotry which spews out when her mouth opens. Her ideas fly in the face of everything women have worked hard to achieve and would set women’s rights back to the times when we weren’t allowed to vote. I don’t know any women who want to be limited to her world ideas (and have no desire to know the ones who are that limited).

    I was sick of her before the elections in the fall of 2008, and she has grown more tiresome over the last year.

  2. Sorry for this post about Ms. Palin, but she just keeps making news with her idiocy. Many people, it seems, have not gone broke being an idiot in the good ole US of A.

    • You are absolutely correct! And as distasteful as she is, she can not be dismissed — bush the lesser was elected twice and should always be Exhibit A for what American voters can do when they aren’t thinking.

      • tosmarttobegop

        “Some one you would like to drink beer with!”.

        When not feeling a pressing threat or need, the mind tend to look for the enjoyable.
        The country was coming out of a positive financial outlook and the greatest perceived threat had been defeated. That made Bush more appealing, someone you would like to drink a beer with.

        Palin’s appeal is toward the desire to just not think about it!
        The “It stinks… It all stinks… It has always stunk and will stink tomorrow!”.
        Problem addressed, enough thought on the matter and now on to watching Survivor!

        Palin does not invoke thought, she makes simple statement and to disagree is to think about it.
        People do not want to think about it so she is their chosen one.

    • Well, elected twice is a stretch, but he did serve two terms.

    • Remember, iggy, no one has ever gone broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

  3. lillacluvr

    And I still don’t remember anyone from the Republican Party demonizing Glenn Beck for dissing Sarah Palin about being a yapper.

    A real ‘maverick’ would not let that comment go unchallenged. But yet all Sarah’s supporters obviously thought Glenn Beck’s comment was appropriate because I don’t see any of them defending Sarah either.

    So, if Republican women are afraid to take on Glenn Beck (of all people) then why do they think their precious Sarah could take on the White House and lead our country?

    Going Rogue – or just Going For the Money???

  4. Hey, Lilac…
    Would you email me at this throw-away email address. I want to recycle my resources on WordPress…
    kssed at prodigy dot net. Thanks

  5. tosmarttobegop

    One failing that I came to realize while researching the Neo-Conservative raise and influence within the Government. Was a failing that we the people are subject to, we elect them. In the electing certain things are expect to be done.

    They will handle the heavy thinking and lifting, we can go about our lives and not worry.
    The second is that they will if not openly then behind the scene stop the nuts from being in control.
    The Neo-Cons, C street and the likes from taking control and the ruination of the country.

    But and I seem to have turned from comparing to molesting children to urinating in public as a comparison?
    Anyway, before you have done it you have checked to see if anyone is watching?
    Likewise with these nut jobs and for that matter Sarah Palin as President.

    Seeing that the public is not watching i.e. paying attention that is the go ahead.
    No one was speaking out against the Neo-Cons so there was not need to stop or take a stand against their agenda. Like me, no one even knew about them until they brought the spot light on themselves by enacting their agenda. They were not hiding by any means, it is almost too easy to find them and their agenda.

    Many will dismiss concerns about Palin feeling that someone else will stop her for accidentally starting
    a nuclear holocaust. By pushing the red button thinking it is the Cappuccino machine!
    (Again she is the Lucy Ricardo of Politics)

    • lillacluvr

      The main enticement about the Neo Cons is that they successfully tied ‘religion’ into their theory.

      Never mind the fact that NeoCons are only interested in money and power.

      Nothing rankles the Christian Right as the perceived threat of their religion being trampled on and the Muslims taking over.

      Isn’t that the main theme we have been hearing for the past decade – we have to bomb those Muslims because they are coming after us – and how dare they, because everyone knows that we are God’s favorite – correct?

  6. wicked

    They can really make miracles with airbrushing these days.