Saturday, 12/19/09, Public Square


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  1. frigginloon

    Only a few more sleeps Prairie P & P’s, before Santa comes a sleighing. We get him first. I think he likes to get all the hot countries out of the way 🙂 !

  2. Bad Biker

    After reading about the health care bill (MSNBC) I am deeply saddened that true reform is not included in the bill. I will say, that this is a start, however, the first successful (?) attempt at reform in fifty years.

    Before everyone slams the Democrats for the watered down bill, keep in mind that Senate rules require basically sixty votes to get any bill passed, due to the clause that mandates 60 for closure. My thought is that is a stupid rule, essentially giving a single Senator nearly unlimited power to control the final bill.

    In this case, it was anti-choice Democrat Ben Nelson that held the hand that controlled the debate, after Senator Snowe dropped her support.

    The system is basically blackmail – “give me what I want or NOTHING can pass.”

    Compromise is a dirty word, but the sixty rule pretty much ensured that any bill will be a compromise.

    • Monkeyhawk

      From Bob Cosca’s blog —

      Paul Krugman relates the ideological triumph of healthcare reform:

      …it represents a rejection of the view that the solution for all problems is to cut some taxes and remove some regulations. In that sense, what’s happening now, for all the disappointment it represents for progressives, is a historic moment.

      And let’s also not fail to take note of those who had a chance to join in this historic moment, and punted.

      Whether its the massive expansion of federal assistance to lower and middle income Americans or the strict regulations on how a major American corporate sector does business, this is the antithesis of the kind of politics you hear recommended by the cable villagers and Halperins of the world. A rejection of the Reaganomics model of government intervention. And if it can be improved and shepherded to practical success, it will build the progressive movement for many years to come.