Anthony Adams: A Case-Study of the “GOP Soul Identity Disorder”

Case-studies are not useful for evaluating theories, but they are quite good tools for illustrating a particular problem.  The recall effort directed against Assemblyman Anthony Adams is an illustration of what I am calling the “GOP Soul Identity Disorder”.  Adams went against a pledge to never raise taxes by voting for a tax increase given the unique budgetary problems faced by California.

The GOP purists in California Republic pounced on Adams for his vote like a duck on a June bug.  Supposedly 58,000 signatures were obtained to start Adams’ recall.  Later, many of those signatures were called into question, temporarily halting the recall action.

In this WashPo article one commentator opines that not even Ronald Reagan could win election in California today due to the demands of the far right purists.

Where will the soul of the GOP wind up after this interesting journey?  Share your thoughts, please…


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13 responses to “Anthony Adams: A Case-Study of the “GOP Soul Identity Disorder”

  1. Remember when bush the lesser screwed every American, the whole of our country and most of the world? We all knew Republicans couldn’t win after that, and they didn’t for a short period of time. If the economy rebounds, including jobs, then the Democratic Party won’t be in the losing column totally. And if all that happens I think we’ll still see Republican candidates nominated who can’t be elected at the national level. Those who are pure enough are distasteful to everyone outside the ‘purists.’

    But if all that doesn’t happen it will surely be the Democratic Parties turn to be the villain.

    We here pretty much knew it would take longer to tackle the many challenges, but we pay attention and are informed, most Americans aren’t. Sadly, too many of those who aren’t, vote. Even though voter apathy is one of my bigger concerns, the fact still remains that many who do vote aren’t well informed.

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
    – Voltaire

  2. Besides, the Republican Party members are misdirected but can get their initiatives passed; Democratic officials seem to have no idea how to do that. So what good comes from having superior ideas?

  3. lilacluvr

    I have to wonder about these Republican purists.

    They all seem to brand Obama as Hitler but wasn’t Hitler also the person that wanted only his ‘pure’ race to be dominant?

    Beware of anyone wanting spouting they, and only their approved friends, are pure. That sounds like a formula for disaster.

    As for the Grand Old Party – I figure Ronald Reagan courted these Social Evangelical Christians into the Republican tent – so it is only fitting that these fanatics turn on him and try to bring him to shame for not being conservative enough.

    I still cannot get over that one……Reagan was a liberal (I am still laughing).

    • They’re childish name callers. They don’t have a clue what Hitler stood for and can’t distinguish between the words that end in ‘ism.’ They just know their side lost and they’re pissed, cranky and childish. They prefer to see America fail if it means the Democratic Party may be credited with any success.

  4. What percentage of the twenty percenters represent the ‘purist’ wing of the party?

    • lilacluvr

      I’m guessing 10-15%…?? Some Republicans will stay loyal no matter what. But I think that is mostly the older generation that does not particular embrace change very well.

      And the older generation are the ones getting Medficare but don’t have the good sense to know it is that evil government-run health care. Go figure…

  5. lilacluvr

    I agree with fnord – on the national level, Republican purists will do poorly. Because when it comes to the point of foot meeting the pedal – the economy still rules the voting booth.

    And I think that people still blame the Republicans, led by GWB and Cheney, for the economic disaster.

    But it would help Obama’s approval rating if he really do go after those Wall Street CEO’s that continue to screw the American people. Britain is sure going after their bonuses with that high taxation. Maybe we should join them and then hear the elephants squeal..

  6. Since the Republicans have such poor memories, who can predict what they may do! They defended bush the lesser completely and now say they didn’t.

    Come up with your own examples of their short memories — there are many!

    • lilacluvr

      Maybe they are getting their talking points all mixed up now since Glenn Beck is threatening to take the throne away from Rush Limbaugh?

      My, oh my, who should they listen to?? Rush promotes Sarah Palin’s book as the best policy book he has ever read and Beck talks about Palin ‘yapping’ in the kitchen.

      Hmmm…..what a dilemma..

      Did I miss it when someone – anyone – from the GOP demonized Beck for making that statement that dissed Sarah?

      How come Beck gets to demonize her and get away with it?

    • Could be those short memories…

      Could be they don’t want to follow the rules they demand of others…

      Could be the only thing they’re capable of is criticizing who they perceive as the opposition…

      Could be they don’t want to bring attention to the idiot Beck since he does so well all by himself…

  7. bush the lesser was president for two terms, I’ll never be surprised at what happens in any election after that. If they can’t do it fairly, they’ll find another way.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    There will be a long process for the GOP, right now they are their worst enemy.
    The Sarah Palin example I use goes for the party too.
    The Sarah fan’s worst enemy is Sarah, left alone she will be her own downfall.

    She will only go so long with her brain-less thoughts before even the most passionate supporter finally goes
    WTF? There will be something so odd or ridicules that finally the supports will wake up.
    Likewise with the general party of the GOP, I still think the rank and file of the party are what Fnord said of voters. till finally something catches their attention and they will revolt against the Conservatives.

    It will have to be something that is directly hung around the party’s neck and can not be dismissed as being partisan spin. The blind partisanship allow many sins to be dismissed as nothing more then those lying Liberals making it up.

    As you might guess with the total screw ups of the Bush administration and there still the ability to dismiss the most damning things as nothing more then lies told by the Democratic.
    I once said that if there is something that could destroy you and there is no way to keep it secret.
    The best thing to do is have your worst enemy expose it and damn it.
    People will dismiss it and not take it serious as partisan spin.

    The future of the GOP is in balance, it could go the way of the wigs or return to a more logical and centrist philosophy. But a forewarning, if the Conservatives continue to have sway or try to form their own party.
    The results will be the same. The rejection by the masses.