At a New Point Here: Please Provide Input…

This blog is less than one year old.  We’ve had days of exciting numbers when it comes to views.  Since our beginning we have had a steady increase in views each month – the increases have been more dramatic some months than others.

I have been wondering, “what more would you like to see from us?” and as a corollary, “what would you like to see less here?”  Please be brutally honest.  We can take it; many of us posted at the WEBlog, after all.

Hope your holiday plans, shopping, etc., etc. are going well.  Thank you for reading here.



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12 responses to “At a New Point Here: Please Provide Input…

  1. I am sure if Keith and Mick posted here, they’d approve. Well, actually, I don’t know that…

  2. If at all possible, I would rather not read anything posted by that prick, iggy donnelly. He just makes me so mad, I want to tear my face off – granted, I might be better looking, but I just don’t want to do that…

    Sincerely (as if that were possible from me),

    James McCluer AKA Regular at the WEBlog…

  3. Iggy, you’re a nut! A wonderful, fun, ever surprising kind of nut. I like it!

    I think we need more Editors introducing topics, although we do have the Public Square which is an open thread of the bloggers choosing.

    Many times what I find interesting doesn’t interest others, so I’m always wondering what thread headers might become conversations.

    I think Sekan taught us that to be a friendly reciprocating blog you have to visit other blogs — mingle, socialize and share. We don’t actually have a ‘regular’ blogger anymore who does that socializing and that is our loss.

  4. Do we have any way of estimating how different viewers/bloggers found us?

    If you care to share, please tell us how you found this place. That would be helpful I am pretty sure.

  5. One thing I would like to see, even while admitting to its impracticality: references to WEBlog and posters thereon. They are doing their thing, we are doing ours.

    This isn’t directed to any one blogger here, but to the group as a whole. I’m no less guilty on this issue than most. I’ve arrived at a solution(?) that works for me; ignore them, so they have no reason to come and visit here, hoping to see their nic so they have the ego gratification that flows therefrom as they scamper back to post ad nauseum about those who choose to post here.

  6. Good idea, as usual, Vaughn. I need to start practicing that. I was struck that reading Sarah Palin in the WashPo was like reading at the WEBlog. They must have the same sources, I guess.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with 6176 and Iggy!

    I would like to add that anyone and everyone should blog wherever they choose! Just bring back good stuff. 🙂

  8. klaus

    This is tough. What I like about this blog is that it is populated by a lot of people who mostly share my viewpoint.

    Yet, I don’t feel like it’s an echo chamber. People who post, and those who reply share information to a mutually beneficial end. Everyone learns something new.

    And I like the troll-free atmosphere. Nothing more annoying than feeling like you have to refute a bunch of nonsensical RW talking points that are, basically, lies.

    So, I like what’s here. Not much I’d want to eliminate. As for what to add…I dunno. If I had creative ideas like that, I’d have my own blog.

    Or not.

    Seriously, love the blog. I suspect the collective wisdom will keep it going in a positive direction.

    • Klaus,

      You can’t imagine how nice it was to hear you say that! Thank you. Mostly, thank you for your contributions which add a lot!

  9. Yes, indeed, Klaus, thanks…