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Sarah the Instant-Pundit Urges Obama to Boycott Copenhagen

I swear, Palin is posting under a nickname on the WEBlog.  If one reads her rants about the “Climate-gate Emails” – one can’t help but wonder if several conservative posters at the WEBlog are her ghost writers.

I know conservatives complain that global climate change folk are frightened “Henny Pennys”.  I think what is much more frightening is that Palin has been given a national stage to spew her stupidity.  Exhibit One:  This WashPo Editoral.

Just to clarify, I am not here to stifle the free speech rights of one Sarah Palin, rather I am here to encourage their expression.  Despite her best intentions, Palin has done more for the adoption of informed policies than any Republican in a long, long time.



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Rejection of Abortion Amendment Threatens Public Option

Senator Ben Nelson’s abortion amendment to the Health Reform bill failed in senate vote of 54  to 45.  Nelson’s amendment sought to restrict the use of federal funds for abortion.  Earlier, Nelson had threatened to filibuster the bill if it did not include his amendment.  As indicated in this politico piece, Nelson did not sound to be in a compromising mood.

With this amendment failing, it sounds like the prospects of a public option with healthcare reform legisilation has been dealt a serious blow. 

What do you bloggers think?  As a certain person some of us know used to say, “does the perfect have to be the enemy of the good?”  Or is this an issue so important that it is a hill worth dying on?  I haven’t made up my mind yet.  Would love to hear from others on this.



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At a New Point Here: Please Provide Input…

This blog is less than one year old.  We’ve had days of exciting numbers when it comes to views.  Since our beginning we have had a steady increase in views each month – the increases have been more dramatic some months than others.

I have been wondering, “what more would you like to see from us?” and as a corollary, “what would you like to see less here?”  Please be brutally honest.  We can take it; many of us posted at the WEBlog, after all.

Hope your holiday plans, shopping, etc., etc. are going well.  Thank you for reading here.



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Wednesday, 12/09/09, Public Square

I found this story about Preston, Kansas at NPR and thought it was interesting.  Preston is located on Hwy. 61, a little north and east of the town of Pratt, in Pratt County.  Here’s a bit of information about Preston, Kansas.

The tiny town of Preston, Kan., once boasted a very active Main Street with two grocery stores, a post office, a cafe, a drug store and a filling station. But now they are gone — along with the town’s high school and church. In fact, only 170 people live here. Boarded-up buildings line either side of Main Street. A City Hall and senior center remain within view of two towering grain elevators.

This Arizona man, Ken Stanton, who is an undertaker, plans to revive this town by catering to the dead!  “The 53-year-old mortician with a warm and easy smile has been in the funeral business for 18 years. He is no stranger to Preston. For 35 years, he and his wife, Donna, have come here to visit relatives. Donna Stanton’s father dreamed of a revitalized Preston, and Ken Stanton embraced that dream.”  More than 30 family members and friends plan to move to this tiny town and make it their home.

Although Preston is tiny, Stanton plans to draw funeral business from a 50-mile radius. He also wants to encourage others to give small towns a second look.  “Metropolitan communities are getting so packed with people,” he says. “So many people are out of work. People are starting to gravitate farther out, where housing and things are a little bit less expensive. So I think there’s an opportunity for growth and things to happen in small communities and small towns, if people will just be willing to be ready for some change.”

What do you find interesting to discuss today?



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