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Rush is Gay?

According to this web site there are rumors about Rush’s sexual orientation.  Say it isn’t so!  A man who claims to have been romantically involved with Rush, says none of Rush’s four marriages were ever consummated.

It couldn’t be true, could it?


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NPR’s Role in the White House Fight Against Fox News [sic]…

So, is it true that NPR is joining forces with the White House to marginalize Fox News?  Has NPR pressured Mara Liasson to distance herself from Fox News?  Well, if they have, she is not yielding to that pressure.  I suspect this is another conservative drama wherein Fox is trying to paint themselves as the victim of the evil, elitist, liberal media. 

Do they need to find some new material?  What is it about conservatives that they have this need to view themselves as victims?  Do they need therapy, or what?

Politico’s  story on the subject here.



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Tuesday, 12/08/09, Public Square

You’ve been warned!  Find someplace cozy, and blog until the weather improves.



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