Oh, how I wish. . .

My friend Jay could remove his head from the terminal end of his digestive tract.  That is, by the way, a sincere wish – not “abuse”.  Fnord answered Jay’s post already, but I think it is worthy of a thread.  Here’s what T.C. said:

December 7, 2009 at 1:53 am · Edit

“You folks are needed on the WEBlog. You don’t win a fight by running away.”

I think my rebuttal is more parsimonious:  I never saw anything accomplished at the place Jay refers to.  See fnord’s statements here and here.



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  1. Fnord, please ignore this thread. It was posted for the gratuitous goal of generating lots of views. Thank you. Carry on…

  2. Maybe a better subject for a thread would be – why do car wrecks generate so much attention? – While more civil and less dramatic events are usually ignored?

  3. Sorry, those links were not real helpful. Go to the Sunday Public Square (12-06-09) to see the discussion.

  4. lilacluvr

    If Thunderchild wants to participate in the WEblog then I say ‘go for it’ and God bless him because he is a stronger person than I am.

    As for me, I don’t choose to be around certain types of people and the WEblog seems to be over-run by these bully types.

    I just find it funny that bullies don’t seem to like it when they suddenly find themselves the only ones in the play yard. Isn’t that a sign of insecurity?

  5. Boy, Lilac, that has been the most interesting thing about their finding us – how they don’t like it that we would come here. I don’t care, at all, where they go, so I am hard pressed to understand the reaction you allude to.

  6. What would “winning a fight” at the WEBlog look like? I have never figured that one out, either.

    • lilacluvr

      There is no winning a fight with logic that is twisted.

      After all, if pushed into a corner, a Social Conservative will bring out their God card and tell us liberals we are going to hell because we are baby killers or some other nonsense.

      I wonder what these people will do on Judgment Day if God turns out to be a black homosexual woman?

      Heavens forbid!!!

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I remember well that period of the “Fisters” , TC and I both decided it to keep going there.
    He point and something I truly admire about him is that you do not let them win the fight by walking away.
    Believe me I understand the frustration, from the beginning there is not about right or wrong and facts are not a issue of the decision.

    The beginning and the end is partisanship, instead of the old if a man said something in the woods where no woman can hear him. Is he still wrong? It is a liberal yes they are still automatically wrong.
    I once stated that the issue does not matter, it could be child sacrifice and if the left was against it the Right would defend the practice.

    I go with the thought that though some who read that blog will agree with the Cons. There are those who seeing the other side of the argument might stop and think about it.
    I see the opportunity that OKO gives me, she is about the only one who actually addresses what I say.
    To dwell on the subject and expend on it, she is not likely to finally agree but it does allow for an expended discussion.

    We here say we value a difference of opinion, as long as it is a civil stating of difference.
    Jay does get caught up in the partisan crap throwing, it always ends up being mindless and pointless.
    But he also see to just let them have a free range place to spout non-sense is not good.

    Red State has far worse thing said and any response is filtered and any counterpoint is withheld.
    No one has to think about the alterative to the stated POV.

    Now it is self fulfilling prophecy at TBTSNBN, the hard the counter the more the mindless restatement.
    Till finally there in nothing left in that topic then pages of hate and pointlessness.
    When the mindset is already set before even loading the page, there is no hope of changing or making the poster agree.

    I have said it before, it depends on my own mood as to which blog I hit first.
    This morning it was here first as I wanted to discuss in a mindful manner.
    LOL I read yesterday that there was some kind of a meet-up from my side.
    I must have miss the e-mail inviting me?

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh I have a head ach and my post sure shows it.

  9. So, TC, does it mean if I choose not to visit a city where the streets are filled with raw sewage, that means I’m running away? I think it might mean I have sympathy for my olfactory sense as well as my pants, shoes, and socks…

  10. David B

    I’ll still post from time to time, mainly to keep my skills up – occasionally answering falsehoods with facts is an agreeable past time for me.

    But “win a fight”? There is no fight. There is only abuse absorption training,

  11. Thunderchild

    “What would “winning a fight” at the WEBlog look like? ”

    Ksfarmgrrl unleashing nuclear warfare on an upstart rock1?

    When I destroyed “LRB” and Paul F Roselle?

    James Mc Cluer made the poster child for the right and embracing the role?

    The wholesale retreat of Hank and Nathan Price?

    The disappearance and possible institutionalization of “Joe Williams”?

    I could go on.

  12. “I could go on.”

    Please do. I enjoy fictional accounts…

  13. Thunderchild

    Well my friend, and I mean that, it seems what you enjoy here lately is floating above the fray. You’ve been hard on me so I owe you the same.

    You run from the WEBlog and make this place. Then when some cretin from the WEBlog finds this place you THREATEN to quit.

    And then of course didn’t.

    You’re welcome?

    Steven if you want to play “let’s you and him fight” use your skills on the cons.

  14. Oh, Jay, you’re just too mean…

    I threatened to quit for reasons you don’t understand and that’s okay with me. I just don’t think I ever accomplished anything on the WEBlog. To think otherwise would be delusional. I probably don’t accomplish much here, either. But, that is okay with me. I’d rather not accomplish much in a place that is less hostile – so, sue me…

  15. Jay,

    This has been a community that we’ve built. That is a whole different kind of satisfaction than I can’t adequately explain.

    I don’t mean to pick on you, and you are certainly welcome anytime you want to come over. Listen to your inner voice. Hopefully, it will direct you to the proper path for you.