Saturday, 12/05/09, Public Square

It’s the weekend for many.  Plans?  I suggest avoiding malls — went out yesterday and felt lucky to get home alive.  🙂



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8 responses to “Saturday, 12/05/09, Public Square

  1. Monkeyhawk

    My pal and roommate for the past 11-and-half years is dying. The vet says irreversible renal failure. The kitty’s not in pain but refuses to eat or drink anything and is barely strong enough to stand.

    And then last night, Randy Newman sang this:

  2. I’m so sorry about your pal and roommate, and very glad he feels no pain and will go to sleep one last time. I know it hurts you.

  3. Thunderchild

    My most sincere condolences Monkeyhawk. This is likely the last thing you wish to hear at the moment. But after a time to mourn your friend and then celebrate his life, consider giving a kitten some place other than a warm but lonely pen at the Humane Society their place to spend a first Christmas.

    • Monkeyhawk

      “Thunderchild” —

      My writing partner says I’ll get another kitty soon.

      I dunno.

      This guy’ll be a hard act to follow.

      When he hired me 11-and-a-half years ago I visited Wayside Waifs in Kansas City three weekends in a row. Kitties were interviewing me for the job.

      They estimated he was about a year-and-a-half old. There were other kitties who might have been cuter; others who seemed almost too needy. After a couple of return trips this guy seemed to recognize me and like me. Still does, I think, although he’s dying and barely has the strength to stand.

      He jumped from the bed and just plopped down on the floor, so I moved the electric blanket under him and he curled up into a ball for a nap.

      (I guess in that respect, this is a “normal” day.)

  4. Although I’d never heard it put the way you put it, I appreciate and understand that your cat hired you after several interviews.

    I love the way you string words together and they make an image that is more easily understood and clearer than looking at a picture would have been.

    A true talent!

    My two cats are still trying to get me trained, even tho I all too often show how inept I can be.

  5. PrairiePond

    Monkeyhawk, I’m really sorry. It is so hard to lose a beloved friend like yours. My heart goes out to both of you. Your friend was mighty lucky to live with a guy like you! I’m sure he had a wonderful life with you, and I wish him peaceful and easy passage.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Damn you Monkeyhawk, this is the softest spot in my entire body. It is special people that cats adopted.
    Dog people never understand that, a dog will love and live with someone who kicks them and takes out the anger on them.

    Cat people have to be better people in order for a cat to love them and live with them.
    When the most horror-able accident happened that took my Itty-bit I was haunted for months with hearing him as a tried to sleep.

    But the point that was attempted to be made I take a different tact, before you know it another cat will hire you. I swore that I did not want to ever go through that heart ach again. Then one day a yellow fuzz ball came along. He did not take to any one else in the house, only me. I was the first he came out to, he spent his time being around me. I did not ask him too or did I really want him.

    Now he is my friend, temperamental as out get out and I love that cat as much as Itty-bit.
    We don’t have any real choice it is all theirs, such is the life of a cat person.

    LOL right now Cat and my wife are arguing in the kitchen. She is telling him to shut up and he is explain to her that he should be receiving some of the chicken she is preparing. Not too sure he would even like it, he is picky as to the kind of cheese and meat he likes… No wonder we get along!

    Monkey I know there are no words for a time like this, nothing not even a new cat will make you feel the lost any less. Again such is the likes of a cat person, no two cats are alike so they are not interchangeable.
    Dog people are so fortunate in that respect, any other dog will still be your friend.