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Franken Angers GOP Colleagues

Al Franken’s bill which seeks to not allow companies receiving government funds to mandate arbitration in cases of sexual assault has angered GOP colleagues.  Franken has termed Senators opposing his bill as “supporters of rape.”  The junior senator’s bill has resulted in the beginning of a new website RepublicansForRape. org

If I’m a victim of a crime, why is it necessary that I jump through my employer’s mandated hoops?  How could such be defended?

As for my view – Keep after ’em Al!


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Wednesday, 12/02/09, Public Square

On December 2nd, 1942 physicists Enrico Fermi and Arthur Crompton started the first nuclear chain reaction.  This event occurred on the campus of the University of Chicago, so I’m assuming there was not a mushroom cloud accompanying the chain reaction that day.

There are many cultural references to nuclear weapons: As Randy Newman says in his classic song Political Science, “Let’s drop the big one, and see what happens.”  Actor Slim Pickens rides a nuke to its earthly destination in the Bomb Spoof Dr. Stangelove.

Do any of you bloggers have any explosive plans for this fine Holiday Season?  Let us know what is on your mind…


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